Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Toddler Vitamins

I have always been a little sceptical of vitamins.  I truly believe that you can get adequate vitamins and nutrients from a healthy and balanced diet.  I had made a very big effort when my daughter was weaning to give her a very varied diet and let her try as many different tastes and textures as possible.  But, when my little daughter turned into a gremlin toddler, it all changed. 

Welcome to the toddler diet.  One day my daughter will eat the entire plate of food like a child possessed and the next day she is too busy taking all her clothes off to eat a single mouthful.  One day she adores salmon the next she tells me its 'yuk' and taste like 'socks and jam' (thank you to the makers of Peppa Pig for such a lovely phrase). I have to say, I am quite strict.  If she doesn't eat what I've cooked then she will not get anything else.  There are no alternative foods.  There is no bribery with puddings.  She either eats it or goes hungry.  I know I might sound awful, but, I really believe that if she is hungry she will eat what she is given.  If she doesn't, she isn't going to starve.  

But, I did start to worry, that on certain days when she was hardly eating anything, if she was getting the vitamins and minerals that she needed. The Department of Health actually recommend that all children under 5 years need a supplement of vitamins A,C and D (link here). As we were strolling in Boots (who I am kidding, when my daughter was tearing round the store with her mini Boots trolley), I saw these vitamin packs and thought I would give them a go.  They are for children 3 years and above and contain a range of vitamins.  They come in individual little packets of gummy bears and are also free from artificial colours, preservatives and flavours.

After trialling them for a few weeks my daughter loves these! She actually thinks they are a little treat and asks if she can have her special gummy bears if she has been good!!! I tend to let her have a packet as a morning snack with some fruit.  I still refuse alternative meals when she refuses what I have made her, but, I feel a little more comfortable that even if she doesn't eat much, she is getting the nutrients she needs everyday. There are lots of children's vitamin products available, but you can find the ones we have tried here.

Do you give your toddler vitamins? Are they a good eater or are they like my daughter and a bit sporadic to say the least? Comments below please, and thanks for reading. 

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