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Blood on Snow by Jo Nesbo : A Review

I had never tried an audio book before, so I was a little apprehensive when Mumsnet Bloggers asked me to listen to Blood on Snow, an audio book, written by Jo Nesbo.  The thought of listening to someone read a book, I don't know, it just didn't really appeal to me.  I am a such a big fan of having something physical to hold and read in front of me. 

The book is read by Patti Smith, and I am not going to lie and say I am completely familiar with her and the whole Punk movement, but I had heard of her.  Her accent reading this book is just amazing to listen to. She has a really husky, thick American accent, and from her first words I was hooked.  I mean its not in many books you read that someone's lying on the floor dead and you already know its the books main character, Olav who's the murderer. 

Olav is a hit-man, and this book tells the story of his life, potential targets and loves. I didn't think I would connect with Olav, mainly as he's male...oh, and a killer.  But unbelievably, I quickly got transported into his world and was rooting for the main character.  I literally had no idea where the plot was going, and this became ever apparent as I thought the book was about to end, but I realised I was only half of the way through. 

I want to give nothing away, because the ending is the most incredible ending I think I have read, well, listened to.  Again, you think you know where its all going, but you really do not.  The ending is wrote in such a beautiful and captivating way, that as Patti Smith read the closing scene, I just sat for moments afterwards thinking about what I had actually just heard.  

There is alot of blood, violence and swearing, but I never felt out of my depth with this book.  I felt Jo Nesbo had the right amount of action, but had cleverly interwoven it with breathtaking scenery or attention to character detail that it never felt too much. 

As for an audio book, I would certainly listen to another one again.  I think Patti Smith read the book beautifully and it certainly added another dimension to the book. It was actually a real luxury to relax and put in my headphones and be completely transported into Olav's world.  I cannot recommend this novel enough. You can listen to Patti Smith read the opening excerpt from Jo Nesbo's Blood on Snow here, its only a minute long, but I challenge you not to want to hear more! 

Have you read Blood on Snow? Would you ever try an audio book?
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I was kindly sent the audio for Blood On Snow by Mumsnet Bloggers, this review is entirely my own thoughts and opinions. 

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