Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Preschool : An update

Its been quite an emotional journey with my daughter starting preschool. You can read about her amazing first day here and subsequent tears hereIn those first few weeks I really questioned my decision to send her to pre-school.  Even though she was only doing 3 hours twice a week, I was really upset that she was worrying in the morning about going and she kept saying she didn't want to go.  I spoke to one of the teachers who reassured me that she settled well after I left and I should keep on encouraging her and she would get used to the routine.  

At home I kept telling my daughter how she was a big girl now and we got way too many books from the library about starting school and starting pre-school (I sometimes changed the words accordingly).  When we saw school children I told her that they all went to pre-school first and if she kept on going she would then be able to go to big school.  

And then one day it was like something just clicked.  Instead of her usual crying as soon as we got to the door, she went to get her name tag and peg it up, and then she sat on the carpet.  I saw a little tear in her eye but she did not cry.  When I picked her up that day I told her how proud I was of her and she seemed really pleased. 

And as the weeks have passed, she has grown more and more confident.  She smiles and runs into the pre-school now and whilst her little thumb goes straight into her mouth for comfort, she looks so much more relaxed. In September she will receive the government's 15 hours of pre-school sessions, so we will increase her hours. And I feel happy to do that.  
Starting pre-school is such a big step and I think I completely underestimated how long it would take for her to adjust and get used to being away from me.  I think you really need to trust the child care provider you send your child to, and give your child lots of time to adjust.  Its been just over three months since she started and I beam with pride when my daughter tells me of her new little friends or she suddenly bursts into a dance she has learnt at pre-school. I love it, and I can tell she does too.  

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