Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Where is Laura Evelyn Bee?

To say I have been slightly absence on my blog over recent months may be a little bit of an understatement. From blogging three times a week, interacting on social media and taking part in lots of blogging linkies to actually not even turning on my computer for several weeks. My blog is such a personal thing for me.  It reflects my creative side and its where I share my thoughts and feelings. It also means my blog directly reflects how I am feeling.  

If you are thinking I may have won the lottery, become a blogging superstar, or may have been cruising around the world, you will be sorely disappointed.  I have actually spent the majority of the last 7 weeks camped out on the bathroom floor.  Either vomiting, crying, feeling nauseous, or, at my worst, a mixture of all three.  I told you it wasn't going to glamorous.  And the reason for all of this? A little miracle has happened.  Baby Bee is due November 2015, and I cannot capture in words how amazing and happy we are to be welcoming another little baby into our family. 

I also cannot put into words how blessed I feel to have this little miracle growing inside me.  I know only too well the pain of trying for a baby and the pangs in your heart when things maybe don't go to plan. So even though I have cried and sobbed more times than I can remember in the last few months and my husband has looked at me more than once with the look of 'who are you and what have you done with my wife', I have held onto the fact how lucky I actually am to feel so sick. 

I think I will write another blog post all about my morning sickness for anyone who is interested and I won't go into it now and put you off your breakfast/lunch/tea/cake...delete as applicable. But suffice to say I am just about starting to feel human.  I am actually beginning to feel like me again, not some shadowy, sicky version of myself, and I say that without a single ounce of over-exaggeration. 

On top of this amazing news, we also have huge travel plans at the moment and as you read this, on Saturday we fly out to New York with family to celebrate my sister's 30th birthday.  From New York, me, my husband and daughter fly onto San Francisco and are then heading on an epic road trip down the Pacific Coast Highway Route 1 all the way to San Diego.  Such exciting times!!!!

I am sorry to readers who have wondered where the hell I have been, and I feel I have also lost a few readers too who maybe assumed my blogging days were numbered.  To say I wasn't feeling particularly creative is an understatement! But onwards and upwards.  

Thank you for bearing with me. I am so so excited and happy to be back blogging, and sharing such a special and amazing time with you all. 

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  1. Aww! Congratulations!! The sickness is the worst part of pregnancy isn't it! I hope it passes soon x