Tuesday, 9 June 2015

I'm Baaaaaack!

Well hello there! It seems so so long since I last sat down at my computer and actually blogged! We returned from our amazing American road trip last week and I think I have just about got back into the swing of things and managed to climb down from the mountain of washing and ironing (though I have a strong suspicion that someone must have added their clothes to our suitcases!) 

So, I'm back and I'm currently juggling a grumpy toddler (she's just woke up from her nap), making a chilli for tea and picking up thrown Peppa Pig toy ice-creams.  It's all good fun.  But, I just wanted to quickly let you know of some exciting posts I have coming up.  Obviously, let's start with my travel posts.  We visited so many amazing places in America and I want to share our travels in New York, San Francisco, Monterey, Santa Barbara and San Diego. We travelled with our nearly three year old (!) daughter.  I can't wait to share our adventures with you and I hope if anyone is planning on travelling to any of those places I will be able to share some tips and recommendations with you.

Whilst the holiday was amazing, it wasn't all smiles and ice-creams.  I have a post that tells a few of the behind the scenes dramas that went on and what you didn't see on my Twitter or Instagram feed.  It includes me crying outside of a supermarket, but more of that little tale in the upcoming post! 

I also did a spot of beauty shopping (American drug stores are amazing for make-up), and I've also got some brilliant UK fashion finds too.  

So please be sure to pop back for lots of exciting content, drama, tears and amazing adventures. 

Thanks for reading, 

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  1. I can't wait to read your travel posts - we did San Francisco, Yosemite, Monterey, Santa Barbara and LA nearly 3 yrs ago when our eldest was 4 and I was pregnant with our youngest! It seems so long ago, looking forward to reading your experience and checking out where you went! Travelling with little ones isn't easy but such a great adventure!

    1. Oh wow...pretty similar to us then. And yes, such an amazing adventure!

  2. It looked like such an amazing trip, it's a dream of mine to do something similar one day! Can't wait to read all about yours. Welcome back! xxx