Monday, 29 June 2015

Last Stop: San Diego

The final stop on our American road trip was San Diego, which was to be our home for our last four nights.  We stayed in La Jolla which is a gorgeous part of San Diego and I'd highly recommend staying in the area. Whilst close to all that San Diego has to offer, La Jolla was beautiful in itself and it was lovely to just stroll around.  We stayed at the Empress Hotel and I would highly recommend it.  We had a family room which was huge and equipped with a mini kitchen, dining room and master bedroom.  My daughter and I also loved the freshly baked cookies that appeared every afternoon! 

Just a five minute stroll from our hotel and we were by the sea.  We were also really near the Children's pool.  This beach has a wall built out to the sea to allow calmer waters for children. However, the calmer waters have resulted in the beach being populated by seals and their pups.  I think there is an ongoing debate as to if the seals should remain on the beach or if the beach should return to being a child friendly one.  

We were quite happy to just admire these beautiful creatures, if they were a little on the smelly side. 

Our favourite beach by far, was Shores beach. It was clean and had good facilities. It also had a great children's play area too, so when my daughter got fed up of chasing the waves after a mere 5 hours, we then walked to the play area. Our favourite times were spent just playing in the sea and building sand castles.  

There was so much to see and do in San Diego and I would love to return to see more of this amazing city. We visited an area known as The Old Town Market, which was this fantastic Mexican outdoor market with shops, restaurants and lots of local history and interesting buildings.  

We also visited the Little Italy market, which runs every Saturday from 8am until 2pm, selling everything from beautiful art prints to flowers and fresh fruit. My advice is to go hungry because the food looked absolutely delicious. 

Balboa Park was also stunning and worth a visit, though we only saw a tiny part of it. 

Pacific Beach and Mission beach had lots to do too, from the gorgeous beaches themselves to mini golf (a must on holidays), shopping and so so many restaurants!  I have never eaten so much delicious fresh fish and seafood as I did in San Diego!  

On our last day we went to the pier at Pacific beach and went to Crystal Pier bait and tackle, where you can rent everything you need to try and catch a fish.  My husband has never fished in his life, so between the three of us I imagined us pulling up a tyre or surfer. My daughter found it very exciting, even if she did nearly attach us to the hook on more than one occasion!! 

But would you believe we caught a fish!!! An actual fish!!! It was absolutely huge...(please note, my husband has very, very large hands which gives the perception of the fish being smaller than it actually was!!!!!). You have to do this if you visit the area and the owners of the bait shop were really lovely and friendly. (I can confirm that no fish were harmed during our fishing expedition, and after being dropped on the board walk, the fish was returned safely to the water!). 

It was the perfect day to end our perfect trip.  

I felt like we had seen so many amazing things and it was lovely to spend so much time together, just the three of us.  

"Fill your life with experiences, not things.  Have stories to tell not stuff to show", Anon.

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