Thursday, 25 June 2015

Pregnancy Blog : Week 20

Eeek, how exciting! My first proper pregnancy blog! I had all intentions of blogging weekly about my pregnancy, but my little friend called morning constant sickness put a stop to that little idea (you can read about me sobbing in the bathroom here).  But, onto less sicky things and more happy tales now...I am twenty weeks pregnant and half way there! 

We had our twenty week scan this week which was amazing.  I didn't think I would be nervous, but I barely slept the night before and had a very strange dream involving a baby chimpanzee and a hot air balloon (don't ask).  The sonographer took what felt like ages doing her measurements and checks.  There was alot of me jigging around as baby was quite low down, and after she had tilted the bed and me upside down, she managed to get her measurements and then talked us through the scan.  Everything was absolutely perfect and as it should be.  

We asked not to know the sex of the baby, but I don't know, I thought the face looked like a boy.  But don't count on me for any intuition, as I was convinced my daughter was a boy throughout my pregnancy.  

We did take our daughter along to the scan and she peered suspiciously at the screen, before returning to her game of snap! 

Week 20 of my pregnancy is going well.  I am starting to feel a little more tired than I would normally.  I've had no real cravings, except if you count wanting every single food substance.  I feel like my body is making up for the fact that I hardly ate in the first 4 months of my pregnancy and I think I am certainly a tad heavier than I was last month. But honestly, I don't care.  The feeling of not feeling nauseous or being sick is AMAZING and I'm still on a high from actually feeling well, being able to do things and not spending the majority of my waking day in the bathroom.  

I am slathering myself in Palmer's stretch mark cream and then for good measure, I also top up with Bio-oil.  I'm like an oily fish when I emerge from the bathroom.  I have noticed a few little stretch marks on my hips and I can't remember if they appeared during my first pregnancy or not. I do know my body is a bit smaller this pregnancy because of all the running I did late last year (I did run a half-marathon...I tell this to everyone-whether they are interested or not :-)).  But I can honestly say, I don't give two hoots about these little lines.  My body has got to grow and my thankfulness of actually having the chance to have a healthy second baby outweighs any lines that appear on this body of mine! 

I'm feeling lots of movement, and I think I felt little fluttering's from around week 16, which I know is pretty early.  It's lovely to feel and Mr.Bee has even managed to feel the kicks too.  I love this stage of pregnancy, and did I mention I'm on a high from not feeling sick? :-)

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  1. You look absolutely beautiful!!!! I'm not sure if I could not know. My hub has asked (if we ever get round to no2) to keep it a surprise, but I would find it too hard ha ha! I remember those slippery oily days oh and the constant sickness and um everything telling you to eat ginger. Take care lovely xxx