Monday, 20 July 2015

A Meditation On Murder by Robert Thorogood : A review

I was very kindly sent the book, A Meditation On Murder, by Mumsnet bloggers to review. For the first time, as I unwrapped my brand new book, my heart sank.  The book's characters are based on the hit TV series, Death in Paradise, and this brand new story is written by the show's creator, Robert Thorogood. I can vaguely remember the TV series on the BBC, but I never, ever watched it as I didn't think it really appealed to me.  So, when I looked down at my shiny new book I thought this time, I'd have to write a bad review. The last few murder novels I've read have involved alot of violence, very creepy killers and a very fast paced plot. Would a book about a detective in a wool suit and a murder on a tropical island even hold my attention to finish reading it? YES, YES and YES!!!!!

I don't think I could have been more wrong about this novel.  It is such an amazing read. Thorogood is clearly a very talented writer and I was hooked after the very first page. Just who had killed Aslan Kennedy in a locked room with only five other people in it? 

I loved the characters and even though I'd never watched the TV series, the characters were brought to life. The writer beautifully entwines the murder plot and the idiosyncrasies of the characters, and I literally couldn't put the book down. There certainly wasn't the violence and the swearing and gore of my recent murder book reads, but that really didn't matter. This book held my attention and kept me turning the pages without all of that.  The plot twists and turns, and the moment you think you've worked it all out, is the very moment Thorogood completely changes the way the story is going.   

This book is a must Summer read.  If you loved the TV series you will love this book. But, similarly, if you weren't even interested in the TV series or never watched it, you will love this book. Very cleverly written, comical, and a page turner. You won't be able to put this book down until you find out exactly what went on in that locked room...and it really won't be what you imagined. 

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Mumsnet Bloggers kindly sent me this book for review, but all opinions are my own and I absolutely loved this book!

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