Monday, 27 July 2015

An afternoon Strawberry Picking

Last Sunday as the sun shone, we donned our straw hats and headed to Scaddows Farm in Ticknall, Derbyshire for a spot of strawberry picking. I had never been strawberry picking before, but I had heard rumours that this year was a good year for strawberries, and never one to miss out, we had to go and see for ourselves. 

We arrived at Scaddows Farm to a huge field full of strawberry plants and eager pickers. We collected a punnet box from a van at the top of the field, and then that was it, we were set loose in this enormous strawberry filled field to collect strawberries to our hearts content! 

Even though there were lots of people there, as the field was so so big and there were strawberries as far as the eye could see, there was lots of good spots and space to start picking.  My husband had a good technique of rummaging in the middle of the plants to find the big ones, so me and my daughter left him to it and chased each other up and down trying to find who could pick the biggest strawberry. My daughter may or may not have eaten more than she was giving me (sorry Scaddows).  

After we had filled our box, we headed back to the van where they weighed our strawberry treasure.  I think for the punnet it cost us just under £2, which is a complete bargain, alot cheaper than the shops and much more fun. 

There was a little farm shop too at the top of the farm selling food, drinks and delicious cakes, but I will have to return to try this out. Strawberry picking is something that is so simple, but was such a lovely family afternoon out.  I highly recommend it, and don't strawberries just taste nicer when you have picked them yourself?

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