Thursday, 16 July 2015

Money for nothing...why you need TopCashback

I thought everyone knew about cash back sites and how they work, but after speaking to my Dad recently who was oblivious to these sites, I thought I would do a quick blog post about them, because they are amazing!!! Also I should put a little disclaimer, this is not a sponsored post...I'm just sharing a site that I genuinely think is fantastic!  

First of all, when someone says you can earn money, you immediately think that you need to deliver 5,000 pamphlets, or make some sales calls.  But, earning cash on your online purchases is literally a way of retailers trying to get your business by offering cash back on purchases.  There are a few top cash back sites to choose from, but my favourite, and one that I've used for several years now is TopCashback.

All you have to do is sign up to TopCashback and fill in a few of your details, and then you are all set.  So, let's say for instance you want to buy a new perfume from Boots. You log in to your TopCashback account, search for Boots in their retailer search box, and then the website automatically takes you to the Boots website where you purchase your perfume as you would normally do.  You don't pay any differently, you still use your Boots account. All that has happened is by clicking on TopCashback first, they have logged your visit, and then you get a small percentage when your order goes through. 

The current cash back on Boots fragrance is 5%, so if your perfume was £50, that's £2.50 you've earned. This money gets put into your account once the sale has been completed. You can then have the money put into your bank account. It really is that simple. 

Not all online shops are on the site, but its always worth checking. They have shops, insurance, travel, hotels. Last month, I earned £8 for booking a train and £40 for making a Hilton hotel booking.  Not bad simply for going through another website first.  There are always different deals on, so some weeks you can earn a higher percentage of cash back.  

Now it's not hundreds of pounds that you earn each time, but it certainly adds up, and you are getting money for just buying what you were going to buy anyway.  It's such a good idea, and retailers benefit from these sites, because if they offer higher cash back than competitors, then you are more likely to order your purchases from them. 

It's really simple to use and the website is simple to understand.  And getting paid to do your shopping? What better bonus is there? 
You're welcome :-) 

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  1. Love this and TopCashback are one of my clients, I have blogged about them before and their brilliance and am soon to make a how-to video for them so will let you know when it's up. Such a brilliant money-saving site. Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts, please could you add my badge or link back hun, thanks x

    1. Would love to see the finished video! Thanks for stopping by x