Friday, 3 July 2015

Pregnancy Blog : Week 21

This week has been a quiet week really compared to the excitement and nervousness of last week's 20 week scan.  Baby has been moving alot more, and on Thursday morning baby had hiccups which felt lovely and reassuring, even if they were at 5.30am! 

I can't help but compare this pregnancy with my last, even though I know I shouldn't.  I started yoga classes when I was 16 weeks with my daughter, and I'd gone to a few antenatal swim classes too, but I have done none of that yet which makes me feel a bit guilty.   So, I have now found a nearby yoga class that I should hopefully go to next week.  I've also started thinking a bit about the birth, even though it's obviously a while away yet.  I just want to feel more in control this time round, not that my first labour was horrendous or anything, but I now know sort of what's coming, so I want to feel prepared. I've just started reading Mindful Birthing by Nancy Bardacke and so far it's really interesting and quite reassuring, so I will let you know my review of the book when I finish it. 

I've had some funny things said to me this week which has made me laugh. Sometimes I think when you are pregnant people lose their normal social filters and think they can say whatever they like to you! One woman asked me if I was looking forward or not to having another baby...I mean, what did she expect me to say, no?!??! Then another woman said on a particularly hot day, 'Ooh, I bet you are going to really struggle over Summer'. Yep, thanks for that vote of confidence, and for your information I'm only 21 weeks!! Obviously I just smiled to both women, whilst thinking in my head, you bloody idiot! 

My dreams have become quite vivid, and whilst to be fair this isn't anything new, this week I dreamt I re-married my husband, saw a giant spider in B&Q and also trained to become a fire-fighter, but I then had bad nerves because I'm scared of small spaces!!!!

I think heartburn maybe raising its ugly head, and I've taken Gavsicon a few times this week, but its nothing too bad at the moment. But don't even get me started on hay fever. I have resorted to walking around the house with tissue shoved up my nose. 

Sorry for the not great picture of bump this week, I was in a bit of a rush taking it.  My daughter turns three at the weekend so I'd been baking all morning, and amidst a power cut and then realising I hadn't got a single egg in the house (how I thought I could make a sponge cake without eggs is beyond me) looking half decent was the least of my worries, so a little bump picture it was.  Also, I licked some of the cake mixture, and then panicked, so ended up Googling, which I shouldn't have done.  I even resorted to rummaging in the bin to find out if the box had the lion mark on it, because apparently that means its unlikely you will get salmonella.  So all fun here! 

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend, 

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