Friday, 17 July 2015

Pregnancy Blog : Week 23

This is the week that panic mode has set in.  For some reason, I now feel the need to get EVERYTHING ready for baby...even though I have at least another 16 weeks left.  I have a very very long to do list in my head, which involves random things like scrubbing all kitchen cupboards (which is of course essential for bringing a new baby home) and more realistic things like decorating the nursery and buying baby gro's. 

My parents came to visit this week and were met with a house in utter chaos as I was attempting to empty the old nursery of clutter and bits and bobs, so I could begin to strip the walls and paint.  But, as is the rule with tidying up, I couldn't just clear the clutter out.  Because then some of the things needed to go in other rooms, and then for it to go in other rooms I had to sort those other rooms out too to make space...and so on and so forth.  I ended up clearing my whole wardrobe, my daughters wardrobe and the office on top of the nursery.  Phew!

But enough about my madness of preparing for baby, and onto pregnancy things.  At the start of the week I was feeling really tired, and one night I was in bed for 8pm. I was completely exhausted, but I could still hear my daughter singing away in her bedroom so my three year old was up later than me!!! I also have had pains around my lower back and on top of one of my thighs.  However, for the last few days I've felt loads better and have had much more energy.  

The yoga class that I've previously mentioned...I still haven't been, but I'm going next week so will update you as to how I get on.  Baby has been very active and my daughter even put her hand on my tummy and I explained to her it was her baby brother or sister kicking! She had a huge smile on her face, so that was a really special moment.  

My bump is getting big now and I keep knocking it when I'm trying to wash up or lean over things. I also can't see the underside of it now unless I really crane my neck! My belly button is definitely getting shallower too, so all in all lots of bump growth! 

I feel like this pregnancy is going really quickly this time round, and I wonder if that is why I'm eager to get everything sorted.  It's one of those strange facts that things you want to really last go by so so quickly, but hey, I guess that's life, and I'm just enjoying every day of this special pregnancy. 

Thanks for reading and have a lovely weekend, 

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  1. What a gorgeous bump you have! And i loved the kicks so much, they were my favourite part of pregnancy. x

  2. You look great! I reckon second pregnancies always go faster because A. You are distracted and busy with a little one already; and B. You get close to your due date and panic about two kids so as always, that speeds up time! Haha. :)

    1. Yep, think you are definitely right! Thanks for stopping by! x