Friday, 24 July 2015

Pregnancy Blog : Week 24

Hello week 24! It's been quite an interesting week this week as I started a new class of pregnancy yoga that I will never go to ever again, but I will come onto that little drama in a minute.  Let's talk about bump first.  

Health wise I've felt OK this week. It seems I have some days where I have loads of energy, and then some days I feel like I really haven't the energy to do much at all.  But I'm just going with the flow and making good use of the good days.  I've managed to strip the old nursery wallpaper and get some paint samples and the room is slowly starting to take shape (I think).  I still have to sand the walls and then wash them which is my least favourite bit, and I have a feeling I will have to dig deep to find the energy to do that!!!

Baby seems to like doing alot of rolls and he or she also likes to rest a limb poking directly under my ribcage.  I've been really uncomfortable under my right side for the last few days, so if baby could just move its arm or leg down a little bit, it would be much appreciated!!

This week I decided to try out a new pregnancy yoga class. I first did pregnancy yoga when I was pregnant with my daughter and I loved it.  I found it really relaxing and I even made a few friends at the class. Unfortunately, the lady who ran the classes doesn't any more, so hence why this was a completely new class. 

I walked into this medium sized room and was greeted with about 25 pairs of eyes looking at me!  The instructor seemed nice enough though, and she told me to take a seat on my mat where there was a space.  Immediately I got the vibes that everyone sat in the same place every week, and the only space left for me was up wedged by a cupboard.  Not exactly the most relaxing place to attempt yoga. 

We did some basic yoga moves and then we were asked to lie on our backs and do some sort of thrusting motion raising up and down.  Now, I might not be that up-to-date with current advice, but last time I checked it was a big no-no to lie on your back.  Yet here I was on my back.  

I really wish I had had the courage to sit up and say I wasn't doing the exercises as I wasn't comfortable.  But I'm ashamed to say with the twenty or so other women, I just couldn't. Even if they were safe, it was ingrained in my mind that I didn't want to be lying on my back, so the whole time I was thinking, 'oh my god I'm killing my baby', and then I'd keep rolling onto my side as though I was secretly resuscitating baby and giving him or her a few good breaths.  

We did some more yoga moves, and I managed to stop hyperventilating that I'd suffocated my baby, as Baby Bee gave some good wiggles.  But then, dum dum dum, group work!! 

We were split into groups and we had to talk about some photographs of babies that were handed out. Now each to their own, and I'm not judging the other women that were there. But me? I really can't be bothered to sit and chit-chat about babies with ladies I don't know and I certainly don't want a new BFF.  One woman gave her gory labour story, another slagged off health professionals, one lady was very vocal about EVERYTHING and me? I didn't say a word.  (I think they all thought I was very stuck up).  

The truth is, group work really isn't my thing.  And after the lying on my back debacle, I just wanted to get home, see my husband and eat my tea.  I came home anxious not only about the yoga poses, but also wondering if I was normal.  Surely I should want to talk to other mums to be? What if I end up with no friends with a baby that's a similar age to mine? What if I get lonely? What's wrong with me?  

As usual a chat to my mum reassured me.  Why was I trying to be someone I'm not? Why was I being so hard on myself? And quite frankly who cares about group work and a bloody yoga group.  Life's way too short. 

Sometimes we are so set on being like everybody else, that when we feel something different we worry there's something wrong with us.  But I can't be someone I'm not.  If I didn't like it, I didn't like it.  And I'm not at school.  So if instead of doing group work with a bunch of strangers I'd rather be bouncing on my maternity ball eating chocolate, then so be it.  I am who I am. 

I have lots of lovely friends who will support me.  And come to think of it, I've only got one new friend who I met antenatally, and the rest are old friends or new people I met along the way after I had had my daughter. 

Needless to say I won't be returning to that group, but I certainly wouldn't judge those that do go.  If that's your thing, go for it.  But for me, I want to be lying on my side, and the only group work I want to be doing is with my husband trying to catch our daughter ready for bath time.  

Thanks for reading, and would love to hear your thoughts.  Anything similar happen to you? Do you like a spot of group-work?  Comments below please!  

Have a great weekend,  

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  1. Ooh I haven't been over to your blog in awhile, I love the new look you have! AND YOUR BUMP!! Too cute! Congrats :)

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