Friday, 31 July 2015

Pregnancy Blog: Week 25

Luckily, week 25 has been quite uneventful and I've had no further catastrophes in pregnancy yoga! I must say, I've felt much better knowing I don't have to go ever again! I've felt OK in myself this week, but I still have days where I feel exhausted and then days when I have more energy.  

I've had a niggling pain right under my ribs all week which gets worse whenever I eat, so that's pretty much all of the time! I think it's either baby lying in a funny position, or as I've read in a pregnancy book, it could be due to my ribs expanding which sounds pretty impressive!

Baby is now the size of a rutabaga if you are interested...which when I Google imaged a rutabaga, looks strangely similar to a swede! 
I was in need of some new maternity clothes, and I'm applying the term 'need' loosely here, as the dresses that I had been wearing are now too tight and uncomfortable, and there are only so many times I want to wear a maxi dress!  I popped into Warehouse and found some lovely tops in the sale.  Even though Warehouse don't have a maternity line, I find sizing up the tops works as they tend to be a really nice length and fit over my bump.  The top in the picture was £16 and I got it in a size 16.  I thought when it gets a bit cooler I can wear a chunky cardigan over the top.  

I popped into Topshop and tried a few things on in their maternity range, but I found a few of the dresses to be really short which was a bit disappointing.  I don't think they sometimes account for the amount of fabric it takes to cover the bump and this hitches alot of the hemlines up even more! I ended up buying a pair of Leigh maternity jeans which are super comfy.  

Don't be fooled by the photo above either.  I've got sunglasses on because all my eye make-up had smudged as I had been running around the park after my daughter all afternoon.  I was exhausted and I think I might be starting with a cold too.  Minutes after this photo was taken, my hair was in a bun, I'd taken my make-up off and got into my pj's.  It's glamour all the way here folks...and here's the proof!

Have a lovely weekend! 

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