Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Potty Training: What you need to know

Summer is now officially here and that can only mean one thing for parents with toddlers...potty training!!!!! Out with those nappies and in with naked bottoms dashing around the garden, with mums and dads waving the potty manically, sporadically and above all enthusiastically!  It's a fact that the sale of potties triples in the Summer as does the sale of sticker charts and chocolate bribes (well I actually made that up, but I'm sure if tested this hypothesis would be true!). 

I wrote a blog post, The Potty Training One, where I wrote a diary about our week of potty training. This is a no holes barred honest version of the highs and lows of having a nappy free toddler, oh yes, and the pit falls of having a dog in tow too (trust me, this complicates things!!). 

I also wrote a post about the pieces of kit I think you need to start your potty training adventure (!) and a portable potty that fits in your bag that I think is the best thing ever, the Potty To Go

And armed with all of that information is all I think you need.  Don't listen to that woman down the post office who potty trained her child at 1 year (she didn't), or that lovely relative who kindly informs you that you are delaying your 18 month by not potty training them, and this could well affect their future career (it won't).  Potty training needs to be done when YOUR child is ready.  When they are showing an interest in the toilet, knowing whether they are wet or dry, and having an awareness of wanting to go to the toilet too.  

Oh, and YOU need to be ready.  Don't do potty training when you have a really busy week at work, when you are having the house redecorated or your in-laws are staying with you for the week! I mean, come on, that is just asking for trouble! 

Potty training is fine, honestly.  Remember when you freaked out about weaning, then once you did it, you wondered why you ever thought your son or daughter would still be living off milk at 32? Yup, well this is just the same.  Forget all the horror stories and if you and your little are ready then just go for it!  

Good luck to all wannabe potty trainers and thanks for reading,  

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