Friday, 14 August 2015

Pregnancy Blog: Week 27

I am now in week 27 of my pregnancy, and the days of feeling great and then days of not feeling so great continue. Today is a not so great day, where I typically drag myself along after my toddler and make her laugh by doing silly exasperated faces and bizarre side stretches (I get really uncomfortable under my ribs...I don't do it for comedy value!!!). 

Baby is now the size of an aubergine, and boy can I feel it! The rib pain gets worse whenever I eat, but I must point out that this is in no way stopping me from eating, I'm just rather annoying to be around because I make a song and dance of wincing and wiggling about!

The time has come to size up my maternity jeans friends, because quite frankly, if I don't, I think the blood supply to my legs will be permanently cut off.  After I finish this post, I'm straight off to Topshop to get some of their super soft skinny maternity jeans. 

I had a doctors check up this week, just because I hadn't been feeling great, but everything is fine, and I think these good days and bad days are just part of this pregnancy. And they aren't so bad, I have to say, I think I just majorly forgot how tiring growing a baby can be. 

My husband has been away all week, and I have had some VERY early nights. Last night I went to bed at 8pm!!! WHAT?!?!? Luckily he gets home later today, because I may turn into a pregnant hermit lady otherwise! 

Baby has definite periods of moving around now, and tends to move around in the morning and then later in the evening.  The only thing with this is that I tend to freak out every mid-afternoon that I haven't felt him or her.  I then resort to prodding baby or having a lie down (!) to get some kicks.  It's no wonder the baby resorts to kicking me in the ribs really. 

Hope you all have a great weekend, see you on Monday,  

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  1. I love your bump! So cute! I remember the rib kicks well although I got away with them for a long time because my baby was breach until late on - though my bladder got the worst of it! Glad all is going well, and exciting you haven't found out what you're having - I do love the mystery surrounding the baby's sex. For what it's worth I'm going for... BOY. I'm almost always wrong though ;)