Friday, 28 August 2015

Pregnancy Blog: Week 29

I have come to the conclusion that a week of my pregnancy blog doesn't seem to go by without some sort of drama.  From a bad experience at pregnancy yoga to thinking I was in labour.  Now not to give you the wrong impression that something drastic happens every week, on the whole, I feel really well, and to look at me you'd think I had it all together (looks can be deceiving!).  But having said all of that, my week 29 hasn't exactly been quiet.  (Enter pregnancy hormones). 

Hormone example number 1: last night I shed a tear over not having any nice clothes to wear (erm, I have) and that I look awful in everything (erm, I don't). As well as crying over something as stupid and trivial as that, I've been feeling really tired. This then makes me feel guilty for not having the energy to play with my three year old.  

Hormone example number 2: yesterday, I could have just slept all afternoon, and no amount of decaf tea or chocolate could perk me up. It was also a day that my daughter felt the need to be at my side every single second.  At one point she was watching me lying on the bed, and I just thought how terrible I am that I can't be bothered to play with her. 

Of course, I completely overlooked the fact that we had been painting in the morning, I'd taken her to a play area and sand pit the day before, and we had done some baking the day before that.  Oh no, in my hormonal state, I do most things wrong, then cry about them, oh, including being the worst mother ever.  My ability to rationalise has definitely gone out of the window this week.  

Hmmmm, this blog may be reading a tad more dramatic than I had envisaged!!! But this is meant to be an honest account of my pregnancy, so I feel it's important to share. These little hiccups aside, I'm well and baby is well and that's all that really matters. 

I can't believe that in one weeks time, I will only have ten weeks left!!!! That sounds like so so little time.  And I STILL haven't finished my labour book!!!! 

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