Monday, 31 August 2015

Rimmel Wonder'Full Mascara : Review

Whenever I need a new mascara, I always feel really overwhelmed by how much choice there actually is.  All mascara's pretty much promise to give you the lashes you have been dreaming of.  They will volumize, thicken, lengthen, sculpt, even do your ironing (well maybe not, but you get my point).  I can spend a considerable amount of time umming and ahhing over a new mascara purchase.  My go to high end mascara has to be YSL's shocking mascara which is just amazing.  But when my purse won't stretch that far and I need a drug-store version, I always seem to find myself in front of Rimmel's counter.  But again, they have such a choice of mascara's that I always feel it's a bit of a random decision with whichever mascara I come home with. 

Recently I picked up Rimmel's Wonder'Full mascara with added argan oil. First of all, the promises.  With no mention of doing my ironing, it does state it will leave lashes feeling conditioned and soft, with no clumps, but lots of volume. So does it? 

I have to say this is a really lovely mascara.  It applies really easily, has a large brush which is perfect for adding volume, and it actually feels like it glides onto your lashes.  And the result?  Lengthened and volumized lashes.   

Now I'm no fool, it could totally be the placebo effect here, that because I'm thinking that there is argan oil in the product, I'm convincing myself that my lashes are looking smoother.  But I really think they are.  The consistency of this mascara is really smooth and it does feel almost conditioning. You can build up the mascara for a more dramatic effect and it really stays put once you have applied it.  No panda eyes here. I also found that the mascara was easily removable and I didn't need to rub at my eyes to get it off. 

I'm really happy with the results and all for £7.99? Bargain. 

This may not be a ground breaking mascara.  It basically makes your lashes look lovely and I'd highly recommend giving it a go if you find yourself becoming hypnotised by the sheer choice of mascara's out there. Oh, and if I do find that mascara that does your ironing, I will be sure to post it here first!!

I hope all of my UK readers are having a lovely bank holiday, 

See you on Wednesday,  

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