Monday, 24 August 2015

Soap & Glory Archery : Review

I always used to use a shadow and brush to shape and define my eyebrows as I felt that sometimes pencils could leave you with eyebrows that resembled being 'drawn on' and not be very natural looking.  But, as I was going to be doing alot of travelling earlier this year, I thought I would give an eyebrow pencil another ago for ease and quickness of use on my travels. Enter Soap and Glory's Archery brow tint and precision shaping pencil. 

This product isn't really an eyebrow pencil at all in the traditional sense.  The product has two ends which do two different things to your brows. 

On one end is a wet-feel tinted brush that you apply first to fill in any areas on your eyebrows.  When I first applied this, I didn't think any of the product was coming out as it felt so light, but that's the beauty of it because it is so light and natural looking, and there is a subtle difference. 

After applying this, you then apply the other end of the pencil which is like a waxy crayon.  You further shape and fill your brows and the crayon nicely fills them out, without being too heavy or dark. 

I love the overall effect of this product, as my brows still look like mine, just that bit better and fuller.  The product last all day on my brows, and its so quick and simple to use, really anyone could apply this and not go wrong. 

The pencil comes in two shades, Love Is Blonde, which I use, and a darker Brownie Points. The pencil is £10 from Boots and is normally in a 3 for 2 offer, so it might be worth treating yourself to some other bits from the collection! Here you can read my review on their sexy mother blusher

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