Monday, 28 September 2015

Beautiful & easy to make paper flowers

We recently made these lovely paper flowers for my daughters Abuela (Spanish grandma) as a birthday present.  The end result was a pretty vase of hand decorated flowers which she absolutely loved. After trawling the internet, and many flowers gone wrong following dodgy tutorials, I finally perfected how to create these flowers, and its so easy! 

I thought this was a lovely and thoughtful, yet simple idea to make for a birthday or maybe just to cheer someone up, so here's how we did it. 

You will need (to make four flowers):

Twelve squares of plain paper approx. 8cm x 8cm (You can use larger or smaller sheets depending on how big you would like your flowers to be)
Colours to decorate the paper 
PVA glue, (or any runny glue) 
Bamboo skewers for stems 

My daughter started by decorating the paper and colouring patterns and swirls on one side. I found just doing this on one side of the paper was enough, but, you could decorate both sides if you wished.  You repeat this for all twelve squares. 

Next, you fold one square in half diagonally, going from corner to corner.  If you have only decorated the paper on one side, make sure the pattern is on the inside. 

You repeat this folding process twice more going diagonally and corner to corner, so in total you have folded the paper three times and you are left with a small triangle. 

Keep an eye on which corner is the centre of the paper whilst you are folding, it is from this point of the triangle that you want to just cut the end of the paper off.  Don't cut too much off. This will be the place you thread the petals onto the stalk. 

With the other two sides, cut a petal shape going from each of the points.  When you open the paper out, you should have a flower shaped petal with a small hole in the centre. Repeat this process with two other sheets of paper, then lay the three petal shapes out. 

From the first petal, cut out one petal along the fold lines.  From the second petal, cut out two petals from the fold lines.  And on the third petal, cut out three petals. 

Next, place glue along one side of all petals and fold over to create six little cones of different sizes. 

These cones can now be threaded onto the stem.  I found bamboo skewers worked really well, but you could use gardening wire or pipe cleaners.  Start with your smallest cone, and apply more glue to its centre. Thread onto the stick and add more glue around it if needed. 

Repeat this process, adding more glue each time, using the next smallest petal until all petals have been threaded on. I found it easiest to thread from the base of the skewer. 

And ta-dah! A beautiful paper flower! A gorgeous and pretty gift. You could also use wallpaper or patterned paper to make these flowers, and the best bit? They will never ever wilt! 

I would love to see your creations, so be sure to tag me on Instagram or Twitter if you make any! 

Thanks for reading,  

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Friday, 25 September 2015

Pregnancy Blog: Week 33

Hello week 33 and goodbye to being able to see my toes, I could have hobbit feet down there for all I know!  I feel like my bump has really grown this week.  Simple tasks such as getting my socks on cause quite a commotion and I think my husband thinks he is watching a comedy show as I huff and puff getting dressed. It's all glamour here.  

I also might as well tell you that I am out of breath.  Alot. In fact, if you want to know my precise location just listen closely. I think my mum thought she had a nuisance caller ring her earlier this week because I was breathing so heavily down the line. I am definitely in the last trimester now! 

The nursery is almost complete! Almost! The painting is all done now and we just  need to assemble the cot and then find the Moses basket which I am sure I stored safely away in the loft.  

Why do people put all the old baby things in the loft when in fact that is the worst place to put them? No pregnant lady in their right mind would ascend our loft stairs and fumble about in the dark. Every home should have a baby bunker where you store things and then when you are pregnant again you can waddle in and out to your hearts content. Instead, I'm waiting for my husband to give me the nod and I'll hold the ladder for him whilst shouting at him I don't want the Christmas decoration box.  Not yet anyway. 

I don't think I'm actually waddling...yet.  I'm pretty sure my walk is normal. Though others might say different. 

I'm looking forward to my 34 week midwife appointment next week, it feels like it has been so long since I saw her. 

My rib-pain hasn't been too bad this week, and my heartburn has been OK too.  Could this be a sign that baby has moved lower down? We shall see! 

My hospital bag is still not packed (there's a surprise)...but...I have bought a lovely overnight bag for myself that I will show you when it's all actually packed.  I know I have my priorities all completely wrong here.  My husband rolled his eyes when I told him I wanted a nice overnight bag and offered me his old gym bag.  Erm, no thank you.   

I've had a person ask me if I'm excited this week ( can see why I hate that question here), and then someone has commented on how big I look (more groans).  So the inappropriate comments keep on coming.  I clearly soon shall be so big that I will be visible from space! 

Thanks for reading and have a fab weekend whatever you're up to, 

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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Tears at Pre-school

When you become a parent you know that you would do anything to keep your little one safe and happy.  You are their protector, you are the one they run to when they need a cuddle.  You will wipe their tears and make it all better.  So when your little one goes to pre-school or nursery for the very first time and it doesn't quite go to plan, it can be one of the hardest things.  


My three year old daughter has been attending pre-school since Easter, and this month we increased her hours to two full days and a morning.  We had a wobbly beginning at the start of the year, and she would get anxious before going to pre-school and then tearful as I left. I'd ring up the pre-school after 30 minutes and they would reassure me that she was fine and had settled well.  Sure enough, when I would pick her up she would be running and laughing with the other children and wouldn't even notice I was there.  

Those drops off when she would cry would break my heart.  I'd come home questioning if I was doing the right thing by sending her, if I should just wait a few more months. But the drop-offs got easier. She got used to the routine and began to happily run in.   

Last week though after 6 weeks off, at drop off, my daughter burst into tears and cried and screamed, 'mummy, mummy don't leave me'.  It was awful. What I wanted to do was scoop her up and tell her that it was ok and we would go home together and play.  But I knew that wasn't the best thing to do.  

As the parent, I know that she enjoys pre-school and that it is good for her.  I knew that she had to get used to the routine again. But in that moment I felt so guilty and heartbroken that my little baby was upset.  I just about made it out of the door before bursting into tears myself.  

I rang up the pre-school after 30 minutes and they told me she was laughing and dancing.

The next day, she was absolutely fine at drop-off and toddled in to sit next to her friend.  Today, she had a little cry but went with one of the teachers to go and paint a picture as I left. 

I know for some children going to pre-school is not a big deal. That they take to it quickly, kiss their mum and dads goodbye and laugh and giggle on their way in. 

But I think for some, its not that easy.  And that's ok. 

As parents I think we think we must be doing something wrong.  That our child is clingy. That maybe they aren't ready if they cry when we drop them off.  But I think that's wrong. 

Every child is different.  

I want to tell those parents that you have to give it time and allow them that chance to settle in.  Only you can know if your child is ready.  But guess what? Even if they are ready they can still become upset and tearful saying goodbye.   

I know my daughter is definitely ready for pre-school and I know that in a few weeks she will no longer cry as I say goodbye. 

My daughter runs out of pre-school with about 6 paintings she has done for me.  And yesterday she started singing in the bath a song about the jungle which she's never sang before.  I was so proud of her! 

My advice is hang on in there.  Tears at the doors are ok and in time they will soon turn into happy smiles and excited tales of the days adventures. 

Here you can read about my daughter's first day at preschool and an update from earlier in the year. 

Thanks for reading, 

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Life Lately

Oooops! I seem to have slid off the blogging horizon for a few days there.  But fear not. I haven't done anything drastic like trying to dye my hair again (more on that later), and me and baby are doing well. Life has felt pretty hectic lately, so I thought I would do a quick blog post to let you know what I've been up to and what's going on in this little old head of mine.

Blogger's Block
When it's come to sit down and blog recently I've really questioned myself as to what to actually type. This doesn't happen to me very often, but sometimes, sometimes I think what on Earth can I write that people would want to read? And as soon as I start questioning myself, that's where it all goes a little bit pear shaped. From not knowing what to write about, I then convince myself that nobody reads my blog anyway, and have I actually got anything interesting to say?  This extends to my I want to Tweet this? Is this even interesting to anyone other than my mum? And my this photo Instagram worthy? Probably not. 

I always seem to favour that worst case scenario, it seems to be my default setting.  But thinking like that is not healthy and quite frankly you don't get very far thinking that way.  Because I am who I am.  And whilst my Tweets may not be amazing, or my Instagram snaps not of London Fashion Week, I can only be me.  And if my mum is my only fan, then so be it (thanks mum).  So after my crisis of confidence and taking a few days off, I'm feeling refreshed and ready to blog, Tweet and Instagram to my hearts content!  

Pre-school Changes
My daughter now goes to pre-school for two full days and a morning a week.  It's really strange not having her with me all the time, and I'm still getting used to having the house to myself.  As I'm now in my last trimester of my second pregnancy I think as the weeks go by I'm really going to appreciate having some time to myself just to relax and chill out a bit.  At the moment I'm really enjoying time to focus on my blog, catch up on things and walk the dog at a little bit of a faster pace than toddler pace. 

Primary School 
Dare I put this on the post? Come November, it's time for us to start thinking of where our daughter will go to school.  It's such a huge decision and I've currently got a list of schools that we are in the catchment area for.  We have about 5 to choose from and I don't know if that's a good thing we have such a choice, or if it would be easier just to have one or two to pick from.  We are going to open day next week for one, so I will let you know how it goes! How my baby is big enough to go to school next year I do not know.

You my or may not remember my hair disaster that happened only a few weeks ago where I dyed it a nice shade of orange.  Whilst my hair is no longer orange, I'm still not happy with it, and quite frankly I want to chop it all off (my mum will do an audible gasp here, sorry mum).  If you follow me on Pinterest, you will see I've been secretly looking at pictures of bob's since earlier in the year, but I keep talking myself out of it.  

At the moment I am loving Caroline Flack's bob.  The dilemma is, is my lust for a bob pregnancy-hormone related? Will I regret having the chop after I've had baby? Hmmm, I'm not too sure.  Don't worry, I'm not going to get the kitchen scissors out just yet, but, I think I will give myself to the end of October and if I still want it short then I may just go for it before my due date.  Watch this space! 

Being Alone
My husband has been away ALOT with work at the moment and he is due to go away again in the next few weeks, after hat he is banned from all overseas travel for fear he might miss the labour! I really miss him when he's away and even though I'm on my own all day anyway with our daughter whilst he works,  not having him here in the evenings and mornings is really hard.  

In fact it's a bit lonely.  Not that I even want to go out or have friends round, because, quite frankly I'm in my pjs for 8pm (who am I kidding, we all know I'm in them well before that!), but it's just the fact that he's not here when I go to sleep and when I wake up.  

Due to the time zones our conversations are really quick, usually just before he goes to bed or before I go to bed.  It's given me alot of respect for single parent families (not that I know how that feels, but I think being on my own so much has given me just a tiny glimpse).  He has one more trip and then no more travel for him for the rest of the year. Hurrah! 

I think that brings you up to speed with what's been going in on the Bee household, alongside preparations for Baby Bee in November, time just feels like its going by very quickly.

Thanks for sharing my blogging journey with me, and I will be posting tomorrow too to make up for my short week last week, so please be sure to pop back, 

Hope you are having a great Tuesday,  

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Friday, 18 September 2015

Pregnancy Blog: Week 32

Hello week 32! I am not at all prepared to write this week's blog post I have to say.  I have completely neglected to take a picture of bump, and as I'm typing this, I can't wait to get into bed, but I didn't want to miss my weekly update.  So here we are. 

It feels like I have had a really busy week this week and lots has been going on.  My daughter has struggled a little getting back into the routine of pre-school which is emotionally exhausting in itself, and then we've had quite busy days in-between all of this. My husband is also away on a business trip at the moment, so last night I set a new record and went to bed at 7.30pm! 

For some bizarre reason I am constantly comparing this pregnancy to my last one and almost convincing myself I'm doing a worse job.  I think that I shouldn't be as tired as I am, and that I should have more energy.  But, by this time last pregnancy I had actually finished work, and I certainly wasn't climbing up a soft play step ladder (which I was earlier this week). I think I'm being way too tough on myself and it's actually quite ridiculous to compare the pregnancies as they are going to be different.  I'm setting myself up for a fail. 

I had some lower back ache earlier in the week, and for the second time now, I convinced myself I could be going into labour.  I'm not sure what my obsession with going into an early labour is.  But, obviously I wasn't, which is a good job as my husband flew out that morning. 

Whilst I haven't packed my hospital bag yet, I have wrote a list of things that need to go in it! Hurrah! All I need to do now is go and buy all of the stuff. Expect an upcoming post as to what's in my labour bag when I finally pack it! I did manage to wash all of baby's new clothes today.  I really don't like that smell that you get from brand new clothes, and don't you ever wonder how clean they actually are? Anyway, I just gave them a quick wash and they now smell lovely.  I have bought newborn sizes and to me,  I think the baby gro's look way too small, but I have a feeling I have completely forgotten how small a newborn actually is.  

My other complaint at the moment is needing the toilet ALL of the time. If I wake in the night, I have to go and pee.  In fact, if I walk past a toilet, my body urges me to go and use it.  In fact, that may be why I am so tired.  I'm constantly walking to or from the toilet at any given moment!

As the weeks go on, I'm getting more and more excited.  I can't wait to meet Baby B, well, I can certainly wait another 8 weeks, but there is definitely the anticipation of meeting our amazing little baby in the air.  

I promise to be a better blogger and post some pics next week.

Have a great weekend, 

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Monday, 14 September 2015

Autumn Primark Haul: Maternity Style

Over the Summer my go to wardrobe pieces have been maxi-dresses, but, as the British Summer draws to an end, I was in desperate need of an Autumn wardrobe update.  Also being 32 weeks pregnant means none of my last year's clothes currently fit, so I wanted some pieces just to see me through the Autumnal months.  I had a really successful shopping trip in Primark at the weekend, and thought I would share with you what I picked up, and, whilst none are maternity pieces, I think the cut and fit work really well with a bump. 

I love the simplicity of throwing on a t-shirt and jeans on and then accessorising to make it your own.  I picked up these super soft t-shirts in both black and a berry colour. They have a lovely fold to the front of the top which is very flattering. They are also a great length and I think they would be perfect for breastfeeding too as the top easily lifts open at the front.  Both t-shirts were £10 each. 

The next top I picked up was this lovely grey jumper for just £8.  It's the perfect drapey fit.  The material is super soft, and again you can get away wearing this during pregnancy and breastfeeding too.   

Lastly I chose this striped jumper for £10, mainly because I love anything stripey, but because its so so comfy.  Again, its super soft and I think this will be perfect for throwing on on those chilly mornings. 

I hope that gives you some Autumn inspiration and shows with a bit of shopping around that you can find items to work into your maternity wardrobe. 

Thanks for reading, 

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Friday, 11 September 2015

Pregnancy Blog: Week 31

You will be pleased to hear that I have not dyed my hair green or orange this week, nor have I cried over my wardrobe.  This week, I appear to have managed to keep it together! Hurrah!  

Baby is apparently almost the size of a pineapple (does that include the leaves???) or a honeydew melon.  Either way, that seems pretty big to me, and I can really feel it too. Some days I feel like an elephant crashing around the house. I have also developed a skill for hitting my bump against most objects.  I manage to hit it on the kitchen sink at least five times a day, and even my daughter seems to have learnt to duck to dodge it! I also managed to nearly have a shelf of books cascade onto it whilst I was out shopping. Spacial awareness clearly isn't my thing. 

Baby's movements continue to be really big and prominent, but I can't quite figure out how he or she is lying.  At my last 28 week midwife appointment baby was lying transverse, so I can't wait for my next appointment at 34 weeks to find out if baby is head down.  

I still seem to have quite alot of energy, though I certainly know about it if I have a late night (and by late night I mean 10.30pm...I know, rock n roll!!).  I had two late nights earlier this week and for the next few days I can only describe it as feeling really hungover, which I think is an obvious sign I may have overdone it a bit.  Feeling so tired also seems to set of Braxton Hicks contractions just for good measure. 

In terms of getting things ready for baby, we are still decorating the nursery (I have very specific ideas, so it's been a bit tricky to paint it how I wanted to), but as soon as it's finished I will get a post up. I feel I really need to start thinking of getting my hospital bag together now, because being the complete control freak that I am, I need to have everything prepared way in advance.  Yesterday I blitzed the kitchen cupboards, which is of course a necessity for bringing a new baby home?!?!? 

I do keep having really severe rib pain, which seems to get worse after I have eaten.  It really feels like there is no room in there and my ribs are squashing together.  It was so painful earlier in the week that I just had to lie in bed naked (so no clothes were constricting me) on my side with my arm waving in the air.  I know, what an image!!!

Hopefully next week I will report that I have at least made a start on my hospital bag. Oh, and baby is still nameless.  Which reminds me I have to pester my husband about that tonight!!! 

Thanks for reading, 

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Thursday, 10 September 2015


Today I waved my daughter goodbye as she left with her Daddy for her first full day at pre-school.  I smiled and waved and told her what an exciting day she would have, what exciting things she would do and the lovely new friends she would meet.  But in my heart I felt something different.  I felt my heart twinge a little.  Today doesn't just mark the day she goes to pre-school for a full day instead of her usual afternoon session. Today signifies a very slight change and shift.  Something else is starting.  

Today, is the day she starts on her little pre-school adventure without me holding her hand. Today, I worry that she won't ask to go the toilet if she needs to, if she will be able to open her lunch box on her own, if she will be OK and the other children will be kind to her. Today, I will eat my lunch on my own with an empty little chair next to me.

And that change and shift I feel?  I feel it in my heart.  It feels like this is the start of many changes to come as she grows.  I have to learn to accept that this little person who is the centre of my world, needs to learn on her own and become the bright and independent little girl I know she is.  

Today is just a very small step, and I know that.  But it is a small step in a long, long line of events that we will both experience. Next year it will be starting school, then it will be high school, then university, the first boyfriend, her first heart-break. I will be there with her every step of the way, holding her hand whenever she needs it. Ready to catch her if she falls.  No matter what.  

I can't wait to pick my daughter up this afternoon and hear about her day and sit in the kitchen with her as she shows me her drawing or painting or tells me of the friends she's made.  

Time never stops does it? We can't stay stuck in a moment forever, nor can we go back to that first breath, first cuddle, first feed, first giggle.  We all have to embrace the change and try and grow as best we can with it. She can't be my little toddler forever.

Today my daughter is a big girl going to spend her first full day at pre-school. I'm so very proud of her.  And whilst she can't be my little toddler forever, I think in my heart, she will always be my little girl who I would go to the ends of the Earth for. 

Monday, 7 September 2015

Tangle Teezer : Review

Now I know what you're this girl stuck in the year 2010?(Or whenever the big hype around Tangle Teezer's started). But, sometimes the things I think everyone already knows about, are actually the things that people don't.  So when a friend recently said she had never heard of this brush, I thought I'd write this post and so here we are.  

Apologies if you already know all of this, but if you want an amazing brush or have a toddler who would rather eat sprouts than have their hair brushed, this brush may just be the answer for you. 

A Tangle Teezer is a brush that is made up of two tiers of plastic 'teeth'.  The longer teeth detangle and tease out any knots, whilst the shorter teeth smooth the hair.  

I have quite long hair, and when I first used this brush, I honestly thought it was OK but not amazing.  It got the knots out and smoothed my hair, but so did my usual brush.  But, the next day, I went back to using my old brush, and I couldn't believe the difference. My old brush suddenly felt like it was pulling and dragging my hair and so I never used my old brush again!!!! 

Even when I my hair appears to have been dragged through a hedge, the brush removes all of the knots, yet is still gentle on my hair and doesn't damage it.  It can be used on wet or dry hair. 

My daughter has shoulder length hair and has always seemed to have this little 'bird's nest' at the back of her head.  I was using a very soft bristled brush on her hair, but because I had to brush so hard to detangle it, it wasn't really working out for either of us!  I tried the Tangle Teezer on her hair and now I can get all of the knots out really easily and we don't have any meltdowns or me chasing her around the house.  Result!

I actually have the compact styler brush and have found this a perfect size and great for travel too as it comes with a cover that protects the teeth and stops the contents of your handbag getting stuck in the brush. 

The Tangle Teezer retails at around £10, and can be bought direct from Tangle Teezer online, or from various stockists, including Boots and Feel Unique

Apologies as it's not a ground breaking post today, but hope you might find it useful! 

Thanks for reading, 

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Friday, 4 September 2015

Pregnancy Blog: Week 30

For some reason, entering week 30 has really made me think that I haven't got long to go at all.  10 weeks really doesn't sound like a very long time to me, and I can't quite believe that 30 weeks of this pregnancy have gone by already!

I have felt quite well this last week, and apart from a slight hiccup on Friday night, there have been no Braxton Hick's or false labour moments! Ok, ok, so you want to hear about the hiccup on Friday night.  

Basically, I have been getting really fed up of my hair.  It's so long now and takes so long to dry that I have debated whether to just cut it all off and be done with it. Usually when I start thinking these thoughts, I change the colour a little and then I like my hair for a few more months. 

So, I saw some hair dye in Boots that gave you a 'bronde' type of colour (not quite blonde but not quite brown).  You apply the dye with a little brush rather than applying it to your whole head and I thought this sounded fantastic as it meant the colour wasn't coming into direct contact with my scalp, and therefore would be a better alternative during pregnancy. All I can say is that home alone with my daughter on Friday night, a few hours later and my hair had turned a really lovely streaky shade of orange!!! 

At 7pm, I rushed to Boots with a tired toddler in tow, and orange hair in a bun (I actually hid from someone I knew because I thought it looked that bad!!!!). I was a bit dubious of the bottles claiming to completely strip my hair of the colour, so I opted for another hair colour to mask my orange barnet. 

Now, I picked up dark blonde, and whilst my hair colour is no longer orange, its also darker than I wanted (I had originally wanted to go lighter).  I spent the next few hours sitting staring at my hair and then, in a bid to almost cause myself more pain, I started Googling if you should dye your hair whilst pregnant (bearing in mind I had already dyed it). 

I have to say, no one has actually noticed my hair colour change.  I had to tell my husband what I had done before he realised and my friends are none the wiser (unless everyone is just being very kind).  I wouldn't mind so much, but I've dyed my hair a funny shade of orange at least three times now.  I thought you were meant to get wiser as you got older??????

But enough about my hair disaster which I am completely blaming on pregnancy hormones (though I think we all know that's no excuse) back to baby news.  

We have finally bought a new pram, a new bed for our daughter (so her bed can convert back into the cot), and a new cot mattress.  As I type this, I am waiting for the deliveries to arrive, but I have a sneaky suspicion that I am going to have to wait in all day, and then they will come at 5pm or something.  Grrrrrr. 

Baby is also moving lots this afternoon.  And we also don't have a name. I have to have a name picked out ready, because there is no way I can just come up with one on the spot after labour.  Every night me and my husband debate a lengthy list of boys and girls names.  But it's ok, we have another ten weeks to decide!!! Eeeek! 

Thanks for reading and have a lovely weekend, 

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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Why I don't want my daughter to hear the 'F' word

As you may or not know, I'm currently in the last trimester of my second pregnancy. A few weeks ago, I was stood in the front of the mirror. Normally, I am relatively happy with my body shape and the curves that pregnancy brings. But on this particular day, all I could see were my imperfections, and lots of them.  None of my clothes looked right, I thought my bum and hips looked enormous, and at least 100 times bigger than the previous day. Quite frankly I didn't like what I saw.  And it was then I said it.  

I turned to my husband and said, 'Do you think I look really fat today?'. My husband immediately shot a glance towards the corner of the room where our three year daughter was happily spinning around in her princess costume. I shut up straight away. I don't want my daughter hearing that word from me ever again. 

For me, saying that word in front of my daughter meant that I was introducing her to this inherent and dangerous concept in our society. Let's face it, there isn't a day that goes by without the fat/thin/weight debate rearing its head.  The words fat and thin are banded about like they are commonplace.  

I wonder how damaged the next generation will be.  Bombarded with cleverly airbrushed images, selfies galore and the impossible pressure to look like an image that is clearly unattainable

Where has 'normal' gone in all of this? Our view of bodies is so skewed, that we look in disgust if we have cellulite, if our bums are a bit bigger or wobble, or at our changing and ageing body shapes.  Where is the wonder at how amazing our bodies are? That are legs walk us around every day? That we have a body that functions? That we are able to run after our children? 

To me, it's not about size or shape. It's recognising what is 'normal' and that's we have lost. And it's up to me to teach my daughter about a normal, healthy body.  Of loving your body, accepting every part of it, being grateful for every part of it.  Before she sees the sadness in the world of how we really have lost the plot with body image.  

That's why I will never stand in front of the mirror again and utter those stupid, stupid words.  By teaching my daughter, I guess I have to teach myself too. Life is too short and our bodies are way too precious.