Monday, 28 September 2015

Beautiful & easy to make paper flowers

We recently made these lovely paper flowers for my daughters Abuela (Spanish grandma) as a birthday present.  The end result was a pretty vase of hand decorated flowers which she absolutely loved. After trawling the internet, and many flowers gone wrong following dodgy tutorials, I finally perfected how to create these flowers, and its so easy! 

I thought this was a lovely and thoughtful, yet simple idea to make for a birthday or maybe just to cheer someone up, so here's how we did it. 

You will need (to make four flowers):

Twelve squares of plain paper approx. 8cm x 8cm (You can use larger or smaller sheets depending on how big you would like your flowers to be)
Colours to decorate the paper 
PVA glue, (or any runny glue) 
Bamboo skewers for stems 

My daughter started by decorating the paper and colouring patterns and swirls on one side. I found just doing this on one side of the paper was enough, but, you could decorate both sides if you wished.  You repeat this for all twelve squares. 

Next, you fold one square in half diagonally, going from corner to corner.  If you have only decorated the paper on one side, make sure the pattern is on the inside. 

You repeat this folding process twice more going diagonally and corner to corner, so in total you have folded the paper three times and you are left with a small triangle. 

Keep an eye on which corner is the centre of the paper whilst you are folding, it is from this point of the triangle that you want to just cut the end of the paper off.  Don't cut too much off. This will be the place you thread the petals onto the stalk. 

With the other two sides, cut a petal shape going from each of the points.  When you open the paper out, you should have a flower shaped petal with a small hole in the centre. Repeat this process with two other sheets of paper, then lay the three petal shapes out. 

From the first petal, cut out one petal along the fold lines.  From the second petal, cut out two petals from the fold lines.  And on the third petal, cut out three petals. 

Next, place glue along one side of all petals and fold over to create six little cones of different sizes. 

These cones can now be threaded onto the stem.  I found bamboo skewers worked really well, but you could use gardening wire or pipe cleaners.  Start with your smallest cone, and apply more glue to its centre. Thread onto the stick and add more glue around it if needed. 

Repeat this process, adding more glue each time, using the next smallest petal until all petals have been threaded on. I found it easiest to thread from the base of the skewer. 

And ta-dah! A beautiful paper flower! A gorgeous and pretty gift. You could also use wallpaper or patterned paper to make these flowers, and the best bit? They will never ever wilt! 

I would love to see your creations, so be sure to tag me on Instagram or Twitter if you make any! 

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