Friday, 11 September 2015

Pregnancy Blog: Week 31

You will be pleased to hear that I have not dyed my hair green or orange this week, nor have I cried over my wardrobe.  This week, I appear to have managed to keep it together! Hurrah!  

Baby is apparently almost the size of a pineapple (does that include the leaves???) or a honeydew melon.  Either way, that seems pretty big to me, and I can really feel it too. Some days I feel like an elephant crashing around the house. I have also developed a skill for hitting my bump against most objects.  I manage to hit it on the kitchen sink at least five times a day, and even my daughter seems to have learnt to duck to dodge it! I also managed to nearly have a shelf of books cascade onto it whilst I was out shopping. Spacial awareness clearly isn't my thing. 

Baby's movements continue to be really big and prominent, but I can't quite figure out how he or she is lying.  At my last 28 week midwife appointment baby was lying transverse, so I can't wait for my next appointment at 34 weeks to find out if baby is head down.  

I still seem to have quite alot of energy, though I certainly know about it if I have a late night (and by late night I mean 10.30pm...I know, rock n roll!!).  I had two late nights earlier this week and for the next few days I can only describe it as feeling really hungover, which I think is an obvious sign I may have overdone it a bit.  Feeling so tired also seems to set of Braxton Hicks contractions just for good measure. 

In terms of getting things ready for baby, we are still decorating the nursery (I have very specific ideas, so it's been a bit tricky to paint it how I wanted to), but as soon as it's finished I will get a post up. I feel I really need to start thinking of getting my hospital bag together now, because being the complete control freak that I am, I need to have everything prepared way in advance.  Yesterday I blitzed the kitchen cupboards, which is of course a necessity for bringing a new baby home?!?!? 

I do keep having really severe rib pain, which seems to get worse after I have eaten.  It really feels like there is no room in there and my ribs are squashing together.  It was so painful earlier in the week that I just had to lie in bed naked (so no clothes were constricting me) on my side with my arm waving in the air.  I know, what an image!!!

Hopefully next week I will report that I have at least made a start on my hospital bag. Oh, and baby is still nameless.  Which reminds me I have to pester my husband about that tonight!!! 

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