Friday, 25 September 2015

Pregnancy Blog: Week 33

Hello week 33 and goodbye to being able to see my toes, I could have hobbit feet down there for all I know!  I feel like my bump has really grown this week.  Simple tasks such as getting my socks on cause quite a commotion and I think my husband thinks he is watching a comedy show as I huff and puff getting dressed. It's all glamour here.  

I also might as well tell you that I am out of breath.  Alot. In fact, if you want to know my precise location just listen closely. I think my mum thought she had a nuisance caller ring her earlier this week because I was breathing so heavily down the line. I am definitely in the last trimester now! 

The nursery is almost complete! Almost! The painting is all done now and we just  need to assemble the cot and then find the Moses basket which I am sure I stored safely away in the loft.  

Why do people put all the old baby things in the loft when in fact that is the worst place to put them? No pregnant lady in their right mind would ascend our loft stairs and fumble about in the dark. Every home should have a baby bunker where you store things and then when you are pregnant again you can waddle in and out to your hearts content. Instead, I'm waiting for my husband to give me the nod and I'll hold the ladder for him whilst shouting at him I don't want the Christmas decoration box.  Not yet anyway. 

I don't think I'm actually waddling...yet.  I'm pretty sure my walk is normal. Though others might say different. 

I'm looking forward to my 34 week midwife appointment next week, it feels like it has been so long since I saw her. 

My rib-pain hasn't been too bad this week, and my heartburn has been OK too.  Could this be a sign that baby has moved lower down? We shall see! 

My hospital bag is still not packed (there's a surprise)...but...I have bought a lovely overnight bag for myself that I will show you when it's all actually packed.  I know I have my priorities all completely wrong here.  My husband rolled his eyes when I told him I wanted a nice overnight bag and offered me his old gym bag.  Erm, no thank you.   

I've had a person ask me if I'm excited this week ( can see why I hate that question here), and then someone has commented on how big I look (more groans).  So the inappropriate comments keep on coming.  I clearly soon shall be so big that I will be visible from space! 

Thanks for reading and have a fab weekend whatever you're up to, 

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