Monday, 7 September 2015

Tangle Teezer : Review

Now I know what you're this girl stuck in the year 2010?(Or whenever the big hype around Tangle Teezer's started). But, sometimes the things I think everyone already knows about, are actually the things that people don't.  So when a friend recently said she had never heard of this brush, I thought I'd write this post and so here we are.  

Apologies if you already know all of this, but if you want an amazing brush or have a toddler who would rather eat sprouts than have their hair brushed, this brush may just be the answer for you. 

A Tangle Teezer is a brush that is made up of two tiers of plastic 'teeth'.  The longer teeth detangle and tease out any knots, whilst the shorter teeth smooth the hair.  

I have quite long hair, and when I first used this brush, I honestly thought it was OK but not amazing.  It got the knots out and smoothed my hair, but so did my usual brush.  But, the next day, I went back to using my old brush, and I couldn't believe the difference. My old brush suddenly felt like it was pulling and dragging my hair and so I never used my old brush again!!!! 

Even when I my hair appears to have been dragged through a hedge, the brush removes all of the knots, yet is still gentle on my hair and doesn't damage it.  It can be used on wet or dry hair. 

My daughter has shoulder length hair and has always seemed to have this little 'bird's nest' at the back of her head.  I was using a very soft bristled brush on her hair, but because I had to brush so hard to detangle it, it wasn't really working out for either of us!  I tried the Tangle Teezer on her hair and now I can get all of the knots out really easily and we don't have any meltdowns or me chasing her around the house.  Result!

I actually have the compact styler brush and have found this a perfect size and great for travel too as it comes with a cover that protects the teeth and stops the contents of your handbag getting stuck in the brush. 

The Tangle Teezer retails at around £10, and can be bought direct from Tangle Teezer online, or from various stockists, including Boots and Feel Unique

Apologies as it's not a ground breaking post today, but hope you might find it useful! 

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  1. I love this one too - it is such a fab brush! I've probably had it since 2008 or 2009, and wouldn't change it for any other brush. My daughter has her own one now too :)