Friday, 16 October 2015

Falling out of love with social media

I have been very quiet on my social media pages just recently (audible gasp), and, if I'm honest, I've just really fallen a little bit out of love with it all.  As a blogger, you are meant to have your finger on all of your social media pulses, but my enthusiasm to do this has been pretty dead of late.   

I actually haven't even looked at my Instagram for a week now, and Twitter I've glanced at once.  But I can honestly say, I haven't really missed looking them.  Before, without really knowing I was doing it I would be checking my news feeds and before I knew it, I would be looking at some random person's outfit of the day. 

Twitter really annoyed me recently, and whilst I follow some lovely people, I was getting really fed up of people following me only for me to follow them back back and then they would un-follow me.  It really feels like to some people it's just a process to try and get as many followers as possible rather than actually wanting to engage and interact with others. 

And then I'm fretting about what I'm actually tweeting.  Does anyone actually want to know that I'm on my third (ok, fourth) biscuit? (Ok, ok, fifth). 

And its the same on Instagram.  Looking at other people's beautiful snaps is lovely, but then as I'm sat in my pjs' with toothpaste round my mouth and my hair resembling that of a birds nest, I don't always want to be reminded of other people's luscious locks and adventures in a fairytale forest whilst they ride upon pink unicorns.  Or something like that. 

I hope I don't sound bitter.  Hmmm, maybe I do and we'll blame it on the pregnancy hormones.  But sometimes, it's nice to take a step back and disconnect from that social world.  

I realise I won't be doing myself any favours with gaining new followers with this post! This really isn't an advert to follow me on my social media!! But, it's the truth and this week, it's how I feel. 

Of course, I will be back on said social media accounts, and of course I will always love a little look at what other people are doing / up to.  But it's nice to remember that life is happening right now and we don't need to tweet or instagram it to enjoy it. Sometimes it's great to just be in that very moment and not tell a single other person about that beautiful sunrise you saw or delicious cake you just ate, because, well, it's your secret. Just seeing it with your own eyes and experiencing is sometimes just enough. 

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  1. Ooh I can relate to this so much! I have never really 'got' Twitter. And the whole follow for follow thing drives me crackers! I've never checked who has unfollowed me after I've followed them but have no doubt it happens. What really grinds my gears on there - after reading so much about how important it is to take time to engage with others - is when I reply to a tweet / photo etc. and said person just 'favorites' it - so rude and so much for interacting! I find it a bit cliquey and do now find myself just engaging with a few bloggers who I 'know' (not know but know!)

    Instagram, I have but just don't have time for - I sometimes feel a bit anxious looking at it and seeing how often some people post, and how many hashtags they use - I just can't compete! So now I don't try. I post occasionally but would lose my life if I tried to post and engage all the time on there and Twitter. The only one I really commit to is Facebook, and I'm more relaxed with that now.

    Like you, I prefer to actually live! It's hard because there is a pressure to be popular on social media as a blogger to drive more traffic to your site through clicks and shares, but it's just exhausting and at the end of the day, our blogs are just a part of our lives and we shouldn't let them take over.

    All very well said and hope the last weeks of your pregnancy are going well, eeeekkkk!

  2. Nice to hear the truth!

    By the way I've just found your blog and I love it :)

    Congrats on bump!!