Thursday, 15 October 2015

Pregnancy Blog: Week 35 & 36

Hello there!  I'm so sorry that there has been a complete lack of blog posts in the last week, and I actually missed my week 35 update to!!! So here I am now 36 weeks pregnant!!! It's been such a hectic few weeks and I have to say, I have turned into somewhat of a crazy lady.  You know how I said that my husband had been away and I was frantically cleaning?  Well, that all seemed to step up a gear last week as I developed an unhealthy relationship with bleaching my kitchen floor.  I know, weird.  It got to the point that I was actually thinking about it at night because I had missed an area and obviously this needed rectifying ASAP!!!

After I had scrubbed the floor to within a inch of its little tiled life, my cleaning obsession now knows no limits, and we have a weeded front garden, recently changed around lounge (which the husband doesn't like) and gleaming mirrors.  The only problem is we have to live in the house.  I think if we could move out to maintain its immaculateness then I would be quite happy with that.  I know, I know, I've lost it.  Because let's face it, in a few weeks the house is going to be the furthest thing from my mind. 

Apart from obsessive cleaning, I have finally packed my labour bag, expect a post about all my essentials soon! 

My number one worry now is we still haven't decided on a name. There are a few names we like but they are way too similar to friends children's names, and if we used them I would be fretting too much about it.  So, on a list at the moment is about 5 that we keep debating over, and I keep going off them and then re-liking them. I'm such fun to live with at the moment.  If my poor husband isn't getting followed by me brandishing my steam mop, I'm following him whining about baby names.  Looks like Halloween has come early for him.  He's so lucky! :-)

I feel quite well in myself, but I can definitely feel that I am nearing the end now as I feel really heavy and when I've done a cleaning session I am exhausted.  Baby remains very active and I often just stare at my stomach which does the strangest contortions as baby wiggles and jiggles.  

Some nights I manage to get a good nights sleep, others I wake in the early hours then I just can't drift back.  I don't know if that's because my mind suddenly springs into action and starts thinking about baby, or it's just a pregnancy hormone thing.  

Oh yes, and most days I have a moment where I think I'm in labour.  I only have to have a bit of wind, and I glance nervously at my hospital bag.  In all honesty, I think I'm going to go all the way to my due date, but its that anticipation and excitement of never quite knowing when baby is going to make an appearance.  

I had my whooping cough and flu vaccination last week, and I was a bit disappointed that I had been left off the recall list for some reason, so I only found out about it by chance after I had Googled something else (!).  Deciding to have vaccinations is a bit of a minefield when you are pregnant, and my advice would be not to read 99% of what's written on the internet.  From horror stories of people who had the jabs, to horror stories of those who hadn't, I decided to stick with the NHS advice and get the jabs and I feel all the better for having them now.   

As I head into week 37, and everyone keeps telling me 'any day now', I honestly feel a little nervous, but very excited of the new little person we will meet very soon, I don't think I can quite believe it, though there is no way I can go into labour yet, whilst my bag is packed, we need to get that name picked!!!   

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  1. Ah lovely update - bump is looking fab! Good luck with the last stretch, and please, put the bleach down ;)

    I am pregnant too (hooray) - only 18 weeks but am already churning names over in my head. My husband so isn't interested yet but I am anxious we will run out of time! However, there's always the option for you (and me) to decide when he or she is here - see what 'suits' them. Really looking forward to hearing about baby's arrival - enjoy those first snuggles!