Friday, 8 January 2016

Waving not drowning

After I hit publish on my post, Motherhood without a filter, I immediately wondered if I'd maybe shared a bit too much.  I worried that I would scare all the mums-to-be who read my blog, and I thought I'd terrified all those mums expecting their second baby.  I don't want to be one of those scare-mongers. 

You know the ones.  The ones who are overly eager to tell you their horrendous labour story when you've only just met them and you're 9 months pregnant. Or the lady who continually complains about motherhood even though she has 5 children.  I want to be the mum who celebrates being a mum.  Who relishes having two beautiful daughters.  

But at the same time, as I mentioned in the blog post, I also want this blog to reflect real-life.  That it is hard sometimes.  But I wouldn't change a single thing.  Even the night I didn't sleep at all, I still lay on the bed the next day with LL and tried to make her smile with a toy penguin making cheeping noises (which she loves).  And when I felt ill because I was so tired, I still danced round the nursery carrying LL and dancing alongside my eldest to 'play that sax'.

So if you're a mum to be, or going to be a mum of two, it's all fine, I promise.  I hope my blog doesn't frighten or worry you. I hope instead my posts dispel this myth of the 'perfect mum', who doesn't, and will never exist.  I hope it reflects real-life. 

Motherhood isn't a constant state of euphoria.  It has its ups and downs, highs and lows and all those bits that fall between.  Every bit is needed and every bit is part of the journey. 

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