Friday, 22 April 2016


To my two gorgeous girls,

I used to always wonder if the sisterly bond would come naturally or if it would be something that we needed to nurture and encourage.  But now I see that it was there all along.  When you were in my tummy LL and Bee used to kiss and pat my bump, the sisterly bond had already begun.  And now I see it flourishing and it's so special to watch. 

LL, when Bee walks into the room, your whole face lights up and I see a smile on your face that I never see you do with anyone else.  You concentrate so much on what Bee is doing and you can't move your little head fast enough to track her movements.  Everything she does you find hilarious.  You are fascinated by this little girl who sings and dances for you at the top of her voice, runs around in princess costumes and snuggles down for stories. 

Bee, you are such an amazing big sister, and I see how proud you are of your little sister.  When I pick you up from pre-school and the other children crowd round to see LL, you proudly hold her hand and make sure no-one pokes her or hurts her.  Whilst I was cooking yesterday and LL was in her high-chair, she threw her toy on the floor.  You ran and picked it up for her without hesitation, I didn't even ask you, you instinctively did it.  You watch me and how I talk to LL and copy me.  I see you pat her hand and chat away to her, teaching her things that you know about the world. 

I can see now that the bond between you both is so special.  I hope so much you will become best friends.  I know there will be times to come when you both argue, but I hope that no matter what you will always look out for each other.  You are so lucky that you each have a special person, you're both half of me, half of your Daddy.  I hope if there ever comes a day when I can't wipe your tears or pick you up when you fall, you will do that for each other.  

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