Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Mothercare Orb : Review

Whilst buying a pram is one of the loveliest and most exciting things to do when you are expecting a new baby, it's also one of the hardest decisions known to man, and will involve at least one argument regarding the price of said pram with your other half. Brain surgery is not as complex as debating between the hundreds of prams available, debating their ability to fold down with one finger whilst looking nice and fitting into the boot of your car alongside a weekly shop. 

With this in mind, I thought I'd write a review of the pram we purchased for LL.  Our old pram that we bought for Bee was like the beast of prams and to be honest was quite knackered from all the mileage its done. After lots of debating, procrastination and one argument in the car park we plucked for the Mothercare Orb in grey.  

This is the Orb in pushchair mode, slightly reclined. 

My first tip before we go any further, is to look at the website Idealo , it tells you the current price of hundreds of products and has information of when that product has been on sale and for how much.  We nearly bought the Orb at full price, but held off and got it amazingly cheap during a Mothercare event.  

I absolutely adore the Orb and we've had lots of compliments on it when we are out and about.  Setting the pram system up initially was a bit tricky as all we had was a big booklet of diagrams, however, on YouTube there are lots of videos on how to set it up and we found these much easier to follow.  

In pram mode, the base of the pram is lovely and soft and the pram feels strong and sturdy.  It fitted quite snuggly in the boot of my car, but I don't find it too bulky. It's also really easy to put up an down, and sure, it took me a little while to get used to it, but I can now do it at super speed before Bee can even start to complain that I've not unfastened her seatbelt.   

We have now converted the pram into pushchair mode as LL is 6 months old and this really is where the orb comes into its own as you can 'spin' the chassis so baby either faces you or faces out.  This is perfect for me as I didn't like how Bee suddenly faced out when she was too big for the pram mode, I like to still be able to see what LL is up to.  On a couple of occasions when LL has been really unsettled we've been able to spin her round and looking at the world has provided a distraction for her and settled her, and probably given her a rest from looking at us. 

The Orb handle lifts up, the chassis spins and baby is then forward facing.

I can't comment on the corresponding car seat for the Orb, as we used Bee's infant car seat, but the Orb was compatible with a buggy board for Bee. 

I highly recommend looking at the Orb if you're looking for a new pram or pushchair. There are hundreds of prams to choose from out there but this really does tick all of the boxes for me and I couldn't be happier with it (and I'm not even sponsored by Mothercare). 

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