Friday, 20 May 2016

New Baby Gift Ideas

My lovely and dear friend has recently had a baby, hello if you're reading, and last week I got to finally meet her beautiful daughter and have those intoxicating and utterly perfect newborn snuggles.  Having trawled the internet for the perfect present, I thought I'd share with you what I picked out to welcome a very special new arrival. 

Greeting blanket
There are so many blankets to choose from when you search for a new baby blanket that it can be a bit overwhelming, but as soon as I decided on buying a blanket I knew precisely the company and type of blanket I wanted.  I picked out the Pure Love Bamboo greeting blanket from the wonderful company, Nature's purest.  My friend had actually bought the same blanket for Bee, and it is the softest and most beautiful blanket, that 4 years later, we still use.  This blanket is a perfect size for a newborn and is so so soft.  It comes in a beautiful keepsake box too. What makes this product stand out for me is the company.  Nature's purest is a small Leicestershire based company and the customer service is amazing.  To me, that makes all the difference.  I bought the blanket direct from them and I really felt like a valued customer (they didn't know I was a blogger).  I can't recommend them enough. 

Another company I absolutely love is Jelly Cat.  Their little rabbits seem to be a staple in any nursery.  I was browsing their website and found this gorgeous whale chime.  I do have a slight obsession with stripes, but I thought it was so gorgeous and the little chime noise it makes is lovely and perfect for a newborn.  

A black and white book
I found that after I had LL, I had lots of beautiful books to read to her, but none that she could actually focus on and look at clearly.  As we all know, babies focus on high contrast colours which in turn aids their visual development.  I picked up this black and white bath book from Priddy Books which is ideal for a newborn due to the soft pages. 

I also found a lovely selection in Marks and Spencer and chose this Shapes and Patterns book. 

When I had just had Bee all of those years ago, a lovely friend came round completely unprompted with a huge container of delicious pasta bolognese.  She brought it around on a day that our cupboards were bare and I think I had had 2 hours sleep.  I can honestly say it was one of the kindest things someone has ever done for me at a time I really needed it.  I've never forgotten it.  After having LL another amazing friend left a meal for me and my husband on our doorstep in a little cool bag. I really do have the best friends.  

I think that whenever you see new parents, taking them something to eat is a must.  Even if they say they are ok for food, taking them something they can stick in the fridge or freezer really does help.  In those heady first few weeks, preparing a meal really can seem like mission impossible with a crying baby, engorged boobs, raging hormones and empty cupboards because you can't get to the shops.  The gift of food really is an amazing gift, and I think way more useful to new parents than a bunch of flowers (unless they're edible). 

Hope that gives you some new baby gift inspiration, 

Thanks for reading, 

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