Friday, 13 May 2016

OGX Weightless Hydration Coconut shampoo and conditioner : review

I am a tad fickle and not very loyal when it comes to shampoo and conditioners for my hair.  I tend to just go with whatever I fancy in Boots, never being loyal to a particular brand.  It completely depends upon my mood on the day as to what I end up coming home with.  Bar a very pricey internet purchase of products after the birth of my first daughter (I blame the hormones and the products were rubbish), I tend to buy reasonably priced products, because for my hair they do the job.  Now that my hair is ALOT shorter (but not a mum bob), I knew I wanted something that was still conditioning but also wouldn't weigh my hair down.  

I have used some of the OGX products before, and so I thought I'd try their Weightless Hydration Coconut Water shampoo and conditioner.  I find that some coconut products can be very sickly smelling and overpowering, but the scent on this is light, fresh and almost sweetie like.  I love it.  My hair feels so soft after using, and it really doesn't weigh my hair down at all.  You only need a very small amount of product and I've found that I haven't needed to wash my hair as often as I was doing with my previous hair products.  

My very short hair has quite alot of colour through it, but the conditioner is rich enough to feel as though it is conditioning my hair, without it feeling weighed down and leaving a residue.  OGX products and ingredients are not tested on animals and are all paraben free. This is my new favourite, and I am only sad that I haven't found this product earlier.   

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