Wednesday, 4 May 2016

This is not a mum bob

You may have noticed by now, but I went and did it.  I cut all of my hair off! Well, most of it.  I had been debating cutting it short for so long, and nearly did it half way through my pregnancy, but I stopped myself as I wasn't sure if it was me or the pregnancy hormones talking.

Just before Christmas, when LL was a month old I went and got it cut to just above my shoulders.  I was so so fed up of the amount of time it was taking to wash and dry my hair, it was like a military operation washing and drying and styling it and I really wanted a change.  This is a picture of me just before I had LL, and my hair was soooo long. 

In that first appointment I had it cut to my shoulders and it felt amazing.  When I first washed it, it felt so lovely and strange to hardly have anything to wash.  It did mean I couldn't just tie it up as it was too short, but the time I saved on drying it (it used to take me at least 15 minutes to dry) meant I could style it by just putting a few loose curls through it.  Here's a picture of phase one of the chop. (This picture just reminds me of being absolutely exhausted, LL had been up ALL night the night before). 

I'm definitely an all or nothing type of person, so last month I decided to go even shorter.  The cut is now just below my chin and it really does feel short.  I asked for quite a blunt cut as I really didn't want a mumsy looking bob.  I may have aged inside since having my two girls, but I still want to look young (ish).  I am a tad addicted to Pinterest for scouting for hair inspiration, so you can check out my page to see the kind of styles I showed to my hairdresser. I was trying to channel Caroline Flack and I think it was one of the Olsen twins (I spend way to much time during night feeds prowling Pinterest and celebrity gossip sites).

I think this is the shortest I'll go, as much shorter and I won't be able to get the curls and waves I like in my hair. Styling wise, I've been using L'oreal Wild Stylers by Next Day Hair spray and it's such a fantastic product for giving freshly washed hair that bit of texture and making it look messy.

I'm glad I had it cut in stages, as it really was such a change.  It also took me some time to figure out how to style it.  I was initially really curling my hair as that was what I was used to doing, but being this short, it literally just needs a wave at the ends.  I've also had to switch hair shampoo and conditioner for one that wouldn't weigh my hair down (review coming soon).  

I think I want to go a bit blonder next time, which is tame as I did tell my husband I wanted pink hair! Looking back at old pictures with my long hair, I do miss it.  But I think I just miss the idea of it.  I really was fed up with it for months before I got it chopped off.  And anyway, life's way to short too have boring hair isn't it?

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