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Tips for decorating a child's bedroom

I absolutely loved decorating my two daughter's bedrooms.  Well, I say loved.  I didn't love the sanding of the walls and the mess, but I definitely loved planning and designing their rooms to not only look good but be pretty functional too, housing the pile of 'stuff' that seems to be ever expanding and includes the most random toys and objects.  A butterfly pen and shoe box lid are currently the coveted items of the month if you are interested.  Today I thought I'd share a few tips if you are thinking about decorating a small persons bedroom.  

1. Get pinning
If you haven't caught the Pinterest bug, then seriously where have you been?  Pinterest is amazing for getting room inspiration all in one place.  You can search by colour, by style, by furniture.  Start by creating a board and pull together what you like.  You should see some sort of pattern or theme begin to emerge, whether that be bright colours, neutrals, animal safari or stars.  If your little one is old enough, get them involved too and let them look at children's bedrooms online to see what they like or don't like. 

2. Now forget half the pins
As I've said, Pinterest is amazing, but it also has alot of unrealistic designs on there. Designs that only Kim and Kanye could afford and pull off.  An actual carved tree complete with bed and swing probably isn't going to fit in your three bed semi. Now's the time to start to be realistic about what you can afford, what will fit in the room and what is going to be practical.  That's not to say forget the tree altogether if that's what you like, but try to think how that could be incorporated into the room, maybe with a picture or use of linens.   

3.  Think about the longevity of the room
If your little one wants pink unicorns all over the walls, that's great. But, you're going to have to be prepared to re-decorate when they change their mind on the whole mythical creatures thing. Our daughter is almost four, so as we were paying for a new built in wardrobe in her bedroom, we also decided to have a desk installed which will be useful in years to come.  

4. Accessories
If you aren't completely redecorating a room, playing around with accessories can refresh and change the feel of a room.  Sites like notonthehighstreet have gorgeous items that would fit perfectly in any child's bedroom.  Using cushions and bed linens can pull a room together, and don't forget the windows too.  Changing the curtains can really refresh and re-style a room.  Places like Dunelm and B&Q have good selections of curtains.  If you need blinds, the VELUX website has some beautiful themes and fabrics specifically tailored to little ones. 

5.  Have fun with it
I knew that I wanted my daughter's bedrooms to be a bit different and we came up with a safari theme and star theme.  Even though they are different, the colours we used are still keeping in with the overall colour theme in our house.  You can look at our finished star theme and safari theme bedrooms here.  

Decorating a child's bedroom should be a fun process and whether you go all out and re-decorate or choose to refresh the room, just go for it and have fun, because if you can't have a giant dinosaur on the wall as a three year old, when can you?

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