Friday, 6 May 2016

Using a baby Carrier Sling : review

When Bee was a baby, I didn't really carry her around in a baby carrier all that much.  We had a Baby Bjorn carrier that I sometimes used if we went out for a walk, but other than that I didn't tend to use or need it all that often.  With LL it's a completely different story.  I don't know if it's because of her silent reflux that she likes to be upright most of the time and close to me, or the fact that because she is baby number two I haven't unfortunately got that luxury of being able to carry her around and potter about like I used to do with Bee (this mama has to get stuff done).  Maybe it's a mixture of the two, but I am now a total convert of the baby carrier sling.    

I admit that I was never very keen on 'baby wearing', in fact I don't really like the term.  It sounds like you're putting your baby on like a hat, and I always thought it looked a bit precarious to be honest with a knot here and there. One of my lovely friends lent me her Kari-me baby carrier sling and honestly, I now wear it most days.  LL absolutely loves it and within minutes of going in she's settled and often will fall asleep. 

Baby carrier slings differ from the more structured baby carriers due to the fact they are literally just one very long piece of fabric.  You tie and wrap the fabric around your body to almost create a 'pocket' for baby to sit in. 

The first thing you have to master is how to fasten the sling and once you've got the hang of it, it's so so easy.  I think most baby carrier slings are based on the same basic tie method (obviously always check), and I just watched a few YouTube videos and within about 10 minutes I had mastered the basic knot. I found this video, How to Moby Wrap, really useful.

I find the baby carrier sling much more comfortable to wear than a more structured baby carrier as you can adjust the weighting on your shoulders and fan out the material.  Due to how baby is positioned it also means that their weight is more evenly spread.  This means I can often just wear the sling around the house and get on with jobs and I also have my hands free for essential afternoon tea parties of plastic food and ballet lessons with the dog from Bee!  

I can definitely see a difference in using the carrier sling, LL is close to me and she just looks much more snug and comfortable, and because the carrier is made of a strip of fabric, it's so easy to take out and about and also to wash.  

As with any carrier, there are precautions to follow, such as making sure baby is positioned correctly and ensuring their airway is not compromised.  

I can't recommend the carrier sling enough and honestly, it's so easy to do once you've had a little practice.  There are quite alot of styles and brands to choose from, and comparing my carrier to my friends, there is little variation (that I can see), they all seem to work on the same premise, but differ in designs and fabric compositions. 

Getting a baby carrier sling is now an essential for me, and I wouldn't go back to wearing the more structured baby carrier.  Using a carrier sling really has saved my sanity on more than one occasion, and a happy mama is a happy baby (well, most of the time).

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