Friday, 3 June 2016

Introducing the milk edit

Searching for clothing that you can easily breastfeed in is something that I seem to be constantly doing at the moment.  I find that when I clothes shop or browse online I really have to consider how I can breastfeed in a particular outfit and how easy it would be to access that boob to feed Bee.  Whether items need to be easy to lift, pull to the side or unbutton, it really can take a while to find something that not only looks on trend but is feeding friendly too. 

Although there are specific nursing sections in shops and online, I find that the selection is very limited and does not represent the choice and style of clothes that are widely available.  

Today marks the launch of a new feature of my blog called The Milk Edit. The Milk Edit is a new weekly feature which will pull together key pieces and styles of current fashion looks from online and in-store retailers, all which can easily be worn whilst breastfeeding.  

The Milk Edit will go live every Friday and you can also follow The Milk Edit over at Instagram with the username The_milk_edit.  If you have any outfits that you breastfeed in, please upload a picture to Instagram with the hash-tag #themilkedit and I'll include it over on the Instagram page and let's share what looks work for us breastfeeding mamas.  Just because you are breastfeeding it shouldn't mean a limited choice of fashion. 

For today's very first The Milk Edit I thought I'd share a few outfits that I've recently purchased.  These outfits are ideal to breastfeed in and are also perfect for the Summer. All are comfy and easily unbutton or unclip to attach a hungry baba. 

Thank you for your all of your continued support and I really hope The Milk Edit brings fashion, functionality and breastfeeding mamas together. 

Some of the above links are affiliate links. 


  1. This is brilliant! I've been living in baggy ts and a vest top for 8 months now!

    1. :-)
      Glad you like it and thanks for the support!