Monday, 15 August 2016

A running update

Sorry...did someone say running update? I think an update implies something has actually happened to report on, no? A running un-update doesn't quite sound right.  I've started this post off bad already.  For someone who has entered the London Marathon I'm not exactly sounding ready.  And that's because I'm not. But because I am so unbelievably not ready, I think my name is going to be picked out of the ballot in October. It will be my karma.  

At times, I honestly forget I've even entered.  I was blissfully living in ignorance, until an email came through last week with the title 'How's your training going?'.  I nearly marked it as spam, until it dawned on me, that oh yes, I did actually put my name forward to run a MARATHON in April next year. 

The inspirational quotes on Instagram are getting to me.  When I read 'someone busier than you is running now', I think, no they are not.  They are probably doing the same as me and holding a crying baby, whilst dancing with their oldest child and all the while having an anti-bacterial floor wipe under their slipper to clean up baby drool (true story).  

Also, 'you can do it'. Urgh. Well, yes I probably could, but it seems I'm either surviving on a few hours sleep or currently recovering from mastitis (there is no way I'm running with a sore boob).  So, I probably could do it and then afterwards collapse from sheer exhaustion.  And then still get up for the night feed(s).   

You're probably thinking 'what the hell did she enter for if all she is doing is moaning about it', and, well, that's a very good question.  I know deep deep down, I wanted to challenge myself and push myself after doing a half marathon two years ago (yep, I'm still harping on about that little achievement, but I have now taken the medal down from the living room).  I think I just forgot that my life is now challenging enough just surviving the day with my two little people. 

I know I also wanted to enter to push myself to do it.  If I haven't got a goal, it can make me a bit lapse.  If I know I have to do it and have a date to do it by, I'm much better at actually doing it.  But herein lies the problem.  With the London Marathon, you don't actually know if you will be picked.  It's a random draw as to if you will run at all, and so I won't know until October.  And then that leaves only five months for me to go from running 2 miles to 26.2 miles.

I've just Googled it and apparently it's a 1 in 15 chance of getting a place, and that's what Google says, so it must be true.  I'm not sure if that's good or bad.  It would be amazing to have the opportunity to run the actual London Marathon. I'd feel so lucky if I got a place.  But also pretty petrified at the same time. 

Anyway, I'm sure this update is alot like the last update I did, with very little actual running stories and more musings on entering a marathon in the first place.  I have got to do more running.  I do actually enjoy it once I get going.  But it's proving hard to even get going. I need to though.  If only for the fact these updates are going to start to get really boring.  

I reckon if I can break the five mile mark my muscles might remember that hidden somewhere deep within them is the ability to run.  I do actually have a new mantra when I ran a few weeks ago which I can share with you, and it was 'this isn't as hard as childbirth'.  I don't think this will get me to the 26.2 mile mark, but hey, you have to start somewhere. 


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