Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Birthday Wishes

I love hearing what other people receive for their birthday a) because I am an incredibly nosey person b) usually I then want to add said birthday gifts to an expanding  birthday list of my own and c) if I don't want the for myself it gives me ideas of gifts for other people.  

This year, I thought I'd share my very own lovely birthday gifts I received.  As a disclaimer, this post isn't in any way intended to be bragging about what I received, and it's the accumulation of presents from a number of close family members. I hope it inspires your own wish list or inspires some present buying, enjoy! 

Rose gold is everywhere like it's going out of fashion.  And I'm not sure if it's because I love it or my brain has seen it so many times on Instagram and Pinterest that I've succumbed to needing some in my life. Anyway, I spotted this gorgeous Oliver Bonas jewellery box.  It's not too big, but big enough to house my little jewellery stash (and my daughter can't quite figure out how to open it, bonus). 

A me doll

Yes, I received this gorgeous little hand made doll.  I dedicated a whole post to this very special gift here

Something that is everywhere again are succulents and I have succumbed (!) to needing one in my very own cute little terranium.  If a terranium could be described as cute. I also have looked after this little succulent for nearly 3 months.  And it is still alive.  

Who doesn't like Taylor Swift (apart from Kimye that is). Love this mug. 

I adore the smell of this. If you love the smell of coconuts, pop into the The Body Shop and give this a little smell. 

I adore personalised prints, but I'm a bit picky about what they say. I spotted this 'The story of us' print and fell in love with it.  I love the words and the way it is designed. This is obviously a sample from their site, as I'm not called Mandy, but I guess you'd figured that out anyway. 

I'm very lucky to have such wonderful family, who not only put up with me, but put with my complicated birthday wishlists every year which always involves a wild card of something that is hard to find! Thanks guys! 

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