Thursday, 8 September 2016

A Reality Check

It's been a strange and stressful few days here.  With Bee starting school there has been new routines to get used to, drop off and pick-ups, making sure we have the right uniforms and equipment, all alongside pressures I place on myself to ensure everything is 'just right'. 

On Tuesday afternoon after I had picked up Bee from school, I was rushing around doing a mammoth list of things that I thought were important. Trying to clean tomato from Bee's school uniform, trying to prepare tea, trying to clean up, trying to keep LL happy.  I was just rushing around generally feeling stressed and wanting to be on top of everything and organised.  

Something happened that afternoon, which I won't go into now, but let's just say it stopped me dead in my tracks.  It gave me the biggest reality check.  All that stuff that I was rushing around doing, all the things that were whirring around in my head, really and truthfully, they didn't really matter.  They were all superficial things that I had given too much importance to.      

Yesterday, with the previous days events in my mind, I approached the afternoon a little differently.  I tried to organise my time a bit better in the day and so when it was time for Bee's school pick up, I wasn't rushing trying to do another 50 jobs at the same time. The three of us cuddled and played and read Bee's new book from school.

There is always a never ending list of jobs to do, but sometimes I think we give our list of jobs way too much gravity and significance. Faced with a situation that is truly far-reaching, everything else sort of fades into the background.  What you are left with are the very bare bones of what is truly important.  That those you love and safe and well.  

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