Saturday, 3 September 2016

Blogtember 2016?

I normally have a least one hair-brained idea floating around my head at any one time.  We won't mention the London Marathon great idea I had (a month to go until I find out if I'm in), but floating about in my head recently has been whether to do Blogtember.  I last blogged every day back in December 2014, (that sounds like a very long time ago), and as hard as it was, it was also really fun and I felt a real sense of accomplishment.  

Bee has now started at school, and it's me and LL against the world in the day, which means I have the new luxury of actually having some time to myself if and when LL decides to take a nap.  So, I thought I might give Blogtember a go and see if I can blog my way through every single day in September.  It's not only fun to do but I think it also shows a bit more of me to you guys, and hopefully you will enjoy reading about my month of September too!  

If you have any requests for blog posts that you would like, then please feel free to pop a comment down below, or you can tweet or message me with any of the buttons to your right.  

I just want to say a big thank you for all of your support and the lovely messages I receive, it really means so much to me.  So, I guess I will be seeing you nice and early tomorrow (blogs go live at 6am) and let Blogtember commence!!!!

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