Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Night feeds

A part of me feels like I will still be doing night feeds when LL is twenty.  She is now ten months, and thanks to horrendous reflux (which still isn't under control), I have at least two wake ups a night guaranteed when I'm up with here.  I guess this is the bit where I type that my body would still wake up if she slept through as I'm so used to it. Er, no, my body would go into a zombie-like state and I would actually SLEEP.  

The thing with night feeds is you suddenly have a few extra hours a day to play with. Now obviously you can't use your extra hours sleeping, cleaning (why the hell you'd want to do that is beyond me), or actually doing much.  You are stuck feeding this little person, so you are quite limited in what you can do.  When LL was really little, I was up so much, I actually got through a book every day.  Now however, I don't have the concentration for reading.  Instead, phone in hand, I have two very good friends I meet up with every night. Meet my shopping apps and Mr. Google. 

I love a bit of a shop at night.  Very occasionally, it depends on my mood, I also make internet purchases.  With a tap, tap, tap, I bought two winter coats from Zara last week. I also bought a bright yellow fisherman's jacket from Topshop.  To be honest, all items were returned as I resembled an IKEA bag in the fisherman's jacket and the coats didn't look as appealing as they did when I saw them at 4am. 

Some nights I'm not in the mood for a shop.  Some nights the only person I want to see is Mr. Google.  You would not believe the things I Google at night.  In the early days, it used to revolve around if I was a good mum (because obviously Google would know), and when the hell do babies sleep through (never).  Now, however, I've found myself Googling all of those annoying questions, that in reality, I wouldn't really care about, but at 4am, I need to know the answer to.  

Are they making a new series of Breaking Bad (no), can you bandit a marathon (no), how old is Beyonce (35), how do you write on children's water-bottles (there were alot of expensive tips...I'm using a sharpie), who is the Muppet who goes 'mimi' (Mimi).  I know, fascinating.  I also have extensive knowledge of the fire of London, the plague, black death and also Chernobyl.  I couldn't even tell you how I got onto these topics.  Light reading for 4am eh?   

During the day I can sometimes barely remember my own name, struggle to dress or brush my hair, but by night, I'm more up-to-date with fashion than Anna Wintour and more knowledgeable than Brian Cox (kinda).  Roll on 4am.  

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