Monday, 12 September 2016

Solo Sunday

My husband is currently away for the week so yesterday, me, Bee and LL popped into town. I had ordered four coats from various shops online and sadly I didn't want a single one of them (the downside of ordering clothes during 4am feeds is that sometimes my shopping clarity goes out of the window).  We returned all said items, and then for some reason I agreed that we could go to Pizza Express as a treat for Bee.  The girl adores Pizza Express.  

Now I'm pretty used to flying solo with the girls when my husband is away with work, but even for me, a sit down meal can be a little hectic on my own with them both.  Especially at the weekend in a very busy restaurant. 

Bee was an absolute dream though, and I have a feeling this post would be very different if she had decided to not be so good.  LL was good too, though decided she wanted a feed the minute we sat down and then she couldn't quite decide if she was happiest licking the highchair or bouncing on my knee, so we spent the meal juggling her between the two. But it was all good.  We survived.  And we all got fed and I didn't have to cook, so that seems like a win win to me. 

I always feel a bit self conscious when I'm out on my own and I have to feed LL.  I can't quite put my finger on why, as I love breastfeeding and I feel confident doing it now and I've fed her in restaurants, on planes, cars, museums, farms.  You name it, the girl has fed there (she loves her milk). I think my fears stem from if anyone said something to me whilst feeding, I'd feel less confident sticking up for myself if I'm on my own than if I was with someone.  I can remember Katie Price saying on Loose Women that she would feel uncomfortable if she saw someone breastfeeding in a restaurant, and comments like that don't exactly make me feel better when I'm on my own. I guess before people have judged me, I've already judged them and thought they might feel uncomfortable with me, which isn't exactly helping anyone. 

A young couple were sat near us and I thought they were judging me for sitting and breastfeeding in Pizza Express (based on nothing factual obviously). However, at the end of their meal, the girl came over and gave me a gift card as they had some money left on it and they thought that I may as well use it.  How kind and lovely.  

The fears I have are mostly in my own head and the lovely young couple weren't judging me at all.  At least not on breastfeeding. Maybe they gave me the card because they felt sorry for a mum attempting to eat a pizza with two small children, which to be fair, is no easy feat. But actually that's OK.  I totally had a pudding with their gift card, so judge away.

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